Youngkin vows to hold Loudoun County officials responsible after alleged sexual assaults


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Republicans Create Education Plan Focused on Critical Race Theory and Restrictions on Parental Involvement

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Burke, VA – Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin promised to bring transparency, accountability, choice and higher standards to state schools, condemning the Loudoun County School Board for allegedly sexually assaulting a male student against a female student in a girls’ restroom. To cover up the harassment. Months later, a male student allegedly assaulted another girl at another school.

Youngkin announced in her speech at the Burke Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Tuesday night, “A young girl was sexually assaulted at her school, and administrators, who trusted not only her education but her safety, tried to hide it.” Tried to.” . “And they quietly moved the offender, one offender being prosecuted for sexual assault, to another school, where he was able to do it again. Two young girls have been sexually assaulted because our system, Our system has failed to protect them.”


“As a Virginian, I am heartbroken for these girls and their families,” Youngkin said. “I am saddened by how their government leaders have failed them. As a father, I am ignited with an unwavering resolve not only to fix this, but to hold accountable those who have done our part. The children are held accountable.”

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Youngkin campaign aid used McAuliffe’s words to show its stand against parents influencing schools

After Loudoun County parents called for the resignation of the superintendent and school board members, the superintendent apologized and a board member resigned. Many parents remain dissatisfied.

Youngqin spoke in a crowded room, with hundreds unable to enter due to capacity limits. Many in the crowd carried signs reading “Parents for Youngkin”, sending a clear message on education.

Youngkin also attacked the Justice Department under President Biden, which directed the FBI to investigate what the Justice Department called a “disturbing trend” of “threats of violence” at school board meetings, which was acting on the request of an organization. Parents of domestic terrorists.

Loudoun County parents demand superintendent’s resignation over alleged sexual harassment at schools

“Instead of investigating parents, the Justice Department should investigate those who covered up a heinous crime on our students,” the Republican declared.

Youngkin put Virginia’s education failures in the hands of his rival, democrat Terry McAuliffe, who previously served as governor between 2014 and 2018.

“Terry McAuliffe had his chance and failed,” argued the Republican.

Yunkin blamed McAuliffe for lowering educational standards, “so he could claim fewer failing schools.” Indeed, in 2015, McAuliffe signed a bill Ordering an emphasis on standardized test results in accrediting Virginia public schools. While 88 schools were denied recognition under the old standards in 2017, no school has been denied recognition since the new standards came into force in 2018.

A girl plays a tableau with a child at a Glenn Youngkin rally.

He cited appalling statistics for math and reading, and blamed education bureaucrats for taking instructions from teacher unions during the COVID-19 pandemic, closing schools longer than they should have been, and “seamless learning”. loss”.

Most Virginia parents want a say in their children’s education, Granthshala News poll finds

Youngkin also hit out McAuliffe for his debatable remark that “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should be teaching.” The Republican said McAuliffe was “exposed” by the comment, which he said “from his heart.”

Democrats recently launched an ad claiming that Youngkin took that quote out of context, but the Republican’s campaign shot back with an ad that stood out to McAuliffe seven times. .

Youngkin devised his own education plan.

Republicans promised to address the threat to schools by encouraging them to hire school resource officers and threatening to withhold funds if they refuse. He also promised that schools would coordinate with law enforcement and that schools would report crimes under his supervision to law enforcement. He also promised a full investigation by the Loudoun County School Board.

Youngkin also set out some central principles: transparency for parents to know what schools are teaching their children; Democracy for parents has the right to say what schools teach; Equality in judging people on the basis of their character rather than the color of their skin; investment in teacher salaries; Excellence in raising standards; and school choice.

Virginians gather to support Glenn Youngkin

He also promised to ban critical race theory in schools and raise standards for all students. He lamented the low success rates of black and Hispanic students in particular. He also promised to create a task force of teachers and parents to “explode the areas where politicians are failing our children”.

When Youngqin addressed the crowd inside the fire station, he took a bullhorn and addressed hundreds of people outside. Because of the fire station’s small capacity, hundreds of people lined up as Republicans spoke, but they rewarded their patience with a brief speech outside.

Glenn Youngkin speaks to supporters outside after his speech.

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