WWII vet hits the skies for his 100th birthday


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Second Wind Dreams has been fulfilling ‘tens of thousands of dreams’ since 1997

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A WWII Air Force veteran was able to celebrate his 100th birthday back in the sky thanks to a nonprofit that has fulfilled the dreams of seniors for more than two decades.

every month, dreams of another wind “To give residents an experience they can remember,” said Katie Hammett, healthy lifestyle director of Elmcroft of Mountain Home in association with the Arkansas-based assisted living facility.


This month, he gave Bob Civic a gift he could never have imagined.

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In celebration of his big day on Monday, Cwiak was flown in a WWII biplane to Baxter Regional Airport in Midway, Arkansas.

The veteran told Granthshala News that he was “shocked” by the 22 Minutes experience, adding that it brought back memories of his days during WWII.

This was his first time back in the sky since 1963. However, the last time he bombed for the US Air Force was in 1945 while stationed in Spinazola, Italy. The bomber stood or knelt on the nose of the aircraft and was in charge of dropping the bomb.

Cwiak, who eventually became a first lieutenant, and his crew primarily flew missions over Nazi-occupied Central Europe.

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“The acceleration to be back in the air was great… the wind in my hair,” Cwiak said of Monday’s flight. “I would like to be there again.”

It is a wish that the Second Wind Sapna is ready to fulfill.

“The nonprofit actually told him when it came down that since he’s turning a century, he goes up every year,” Hammett told Granthshala News.

Hammett said the organization would “come back to pick him up the next year and every year after that.”

Lieutenant Robert J.  Quiak returned home after the end of World War II.

Second Wind Dreams has been making dreams come true since 1997 to shine a light on the “positive aspects of aging”.

“It’s a powerful way to connect society to a forgotten truth about seniors: The truth is that age doesn’t erase hopes and dreams,” the organization’s website reads. “As every dream comes true, we see a ripple effect as the effect of the dream spreads from large to all who helped make it a reality.”

Bob Civic as he takes off for his birthday in Arkansas on September 15, 2021.

Since its inception, the organization says it has fulfilled “thousands of dreams” for seniors.

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