‘Woke Inc.’ author: Facebook must be held accountable for ‘rampant institutional lying’


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Says Instagram announces pause on children’s app development

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‘Voc Inc’ writer Vivek Ramaswamy slammed Facebook for its “massive institutional lying” after stalling a project focused on developing a children’s version of the app during an interview on “Granthshala and Friends First” on Tuesday. Reprimanded. The scare comes amid growing criticism of data suggesting the app’s harmful effects on some young teens.

“I think we need to hold Facebook and other social media companies accountable for this…is their widespread institutional lies,” Ramaswamy said.


“They knew they were doing something wrong.”

Sen. Blackburn, lawmakers call on Facebook execs to testify on whistleblower bombings

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Instagram announced on Monday It will halt a project focused on developing a children’s app after protests over its toxic effects on young teens.

“I think when you take a big step back and have a conversation about the fact that you’re not allowed to buy cigarettes until you’re 18, and if you can’t buy intoxicating cigarettes, I think there should be a conversation. It was about whether you should be allowed to use addictive social media products along with your child,” Ramaswamy said.

The announcement of Instagram came after the Wall Street Journal informed of Facebook was aware of internal research showing that the app has harmful effects on young teens, including various mental health issues. The report alleges that the platform can expose children to harmful content and can be addictive due to the idealistic nature of the content.

Ramaswamy said, “I think the data is increasingly suggesting that the addictive social media that preys on our psychological insecurities should be in a category that has real risks to children that we need to be open about.” I should talk.”

“I can’t seem to get enough of what’s happening on Capitol Hill or in our culture and our families where it really starts.”

How Haitian migrants are crossing the border into Texas with the help of big technology

After the report surfaced earlier this month, a group of bipartisan lawmakers called on the platform to halt the project, citing research concerns. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), and Rep. Lori Trahan (D-Mass.) is just a few lawmakers expressing concern over the effort.

Ramaswamy argued that Facebook halted the project for Instagram Kids only after it was “caught” after knowing the data when the report was published.

“For this we must hold these companies accountable, the fact that they should not have any trust in their user base,” Ramaswamy said. “We shouldn’t believe a word they’re saying.”

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