Whole Foods roasted over attempt at anti-racist messaging


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A banner displayed at Whole Foods Market has caused a stir

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An attempt by Whole Foods to connect with the black community has failed on social media after Twitter users lashed out at the high-end grocery store chain for its messaging.

one in Tweet Over the weekend, a user posted a photo outside Whole Foods Market showing a sign that read, “Racism has no place here. We support the black community.”


The user commented above the image, “This sh*t is insane.”

Whole Foods’ alleged anti-racism message drew waves of criticism from the Twittersphere, with users accusing Amazon-owned groceries for not being located in Black communities.

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“Okay, then have a spot in the Black neighborhood,” replied one person.

Amazon to open 2 cashier-less Whole Food stores next year

Another user quipped, “Whole Foods fights racism by only building stores where there are no black people.”

There was some debate over the message as well. One person argued that Whole Foods stores in black communities, “just in areas that really make enough.”

Another wrote, “No, they don’t. They won’t even put their stores in Black neighborhoods. They’ve been operating strictly white dollars this whole time.”

Others said they themselves experienced racism at Whole Foods locations.

“It’s a lie,” one Twitter user said of the sign. “I experienced the most racism in my life during the 6-month quarantine in Orange, OH. Trust me, if Whole Foods were against racism, they would have as many places in black and Hispanic communities, not Only rich blondes.”

Someone else replied to a message from Whole Foods, “Yet you wouldn’t build a store in a non-white or non-rich neighborhood. Same with Yale Dear Trader Joes. Last time I was at one of your stores @wholefoods, I was followed around by one of your employees. ‘Racism has no place here.’ It’s ironic isn’t it.”

Granthshala Business contacted both Whole Foods and Amazon for comment, but at the time of publication had received no response from either.

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