What’s next in Britney Spears’ conservatorship after her father is suspended? Legal experts weigh in


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Legal experts say the court may still ask for a mental health evaluation of Spears to fully determine whether the termination of her guardianship has been granted.

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Britney Spears finally won her long-awaited victory in court, when a judge on Wednesday ordered her father, Jamie P. Spears from overseeing a guardianship that has had a firm grip on her life for more than a dozen years.

Spears’ attorney, former federal prosecutor Matthew Rosengart, did not use words in the pop star’s defense and told the court that Jamie should have been removed long ago as the custodian of her assets.


Rosengart said that Spears “wants, needs and deserves an orderly transition” and further argued that Spears “has been abused by this man for the past decade and from his childhood.”

“Britney Spears testified under oath about the brutality and toxic presence in the life of James Spears,” he told the judge. “There is a mountain of evidence mandating his suspension.”

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Jamie Spears has been controlling Spears’ finances since 2008, when she underwent a series of involuntary holds after a public spectacle in which she shaved her head in front of the paparazzi.

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Judge Brenda Penney heard arguments for Spears and Jamie and ultimately ruled that effective immediately “the suspension is in the best interest of Britney Spears.”

“The current situation is not fair,” she added, before also ordering that control of all of Spears’ assets be handed over to a court-appointed temporary custodian—a certified public accountant named John Zabel. Judge Penney further said that his decision is not appealable.

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Chances outside the Stanley Mosque Courthouse in Los Angeles, Calif., echoed for “doing the right thing” for Judge Brenda Penney in freeing Spears from her father’s control “now”.

For years, Spears has umbrage with the fact that Jamie is not a talent or business manager, Rosengart told court, that Jamie shouldn’t have another day in her life because Spears pleaded for a longtime shakeup. Is.

After seeing the whole matter publicly, many are speculating how soon the whole system could come down. David Glass, a certified family law attorney, Ph.D. in clinical psychology, who is not involved in the case, told Granthshala News that the next step is for the judge presiding over the case to decide whether full guardianship will end.

“The heat had intensified and the court felt compelled to suspend Jamie because his hands were tied,” Glass said. “All the documentary information, added to all the claims of Brittany herself, not in the interest of Brittany involving her father – without any discovery Jamie did anything wrong.”

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In the 45 days it will take the court to formulate its decision to end the conservatism, Glass said that when Sears’ next hearing is on Nov. 12, “the court may still ask for a mental health evaluation.”

“The interesting part of this is that Jodie Montgomery, who has the most ‘control’ over Brittany’s life on a day-to-day basis, persists with no questions asked about her decision-making,” Glass explained. – adding that Montgomery’s silence appears to be tactical.

“The public is pushing the court to make major decisions as quickly as possible. The man’s patron, Montgomery, has remained silent,” he said. Future. If this is true, then it is a complete disregard for his duty.”

After the hearing, Rosengart appeared front and center to take questions from reporters in front of a packed crowd of #FreeBritney supporters.

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During his public address, he speculated that “Jamie and others would face even more serious consequences for their misconduct” related to the alleged hearing aids installed in and around the Spears home and the alleged cloning of Spears’ personal phone. have to do it”.

Harry Nelson, founder and managing partner of an LA-based healthcare law firm Nelson Hardyman — who is also not involved in the historic court case — echoed Glass’ sentiment that the court could still order that Spears undergo a mental fitness test before making a full decision to terminate the guardianship.

Britney Spears supporters Ashley Montano, left, and her sister-in-law Angela Montano, perform outside the pop singer's guardianship hearing at the Stanley Mosque Courthouse on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 in Los Angeles.

“Judge Penny is under significant pressure to drop the test in connection with the evidence that this guardianship needs to be terminated,” Nelson said. “but [Penny] Yet it may feel appropriate to set a clear record of Britney’s ability and ability to manage her health, business and life without oversight.”

Britney Spears’ camp has consistently claimed that Jamie Spears is seeking some $2 million out of her way – a part of which is likely to end up in the hands of her lawyers and her former business manager, Tri-Star.

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Nelson said the court must find out whether Jamie should be given the bag of cash despite being investigated for alleged misconduct involving Spears’ civil and privacy rights.

“[Jamie] is going to defend against an ongoing attempt by Rosengart to force him to pay outrageous expenses. “The court is being forced to make some decisions and so—the conservative duo Montgomery has openly criticized how much Jamie has invested in self-defense.”

Britney Spears supporter Mona Montgomery of Glendale, Calif., performs outside the Stanley Mosque Courthouse on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 in Los Angeles.

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At the end of the day, both lawyers are firm in their belief that Wednesday’s result is a falling domino in a much larger conversation around conservatives and mental health.

“As a result of Britney’s fame, the financial means to fight for her rights, and public outcry, the case has drawn significant attention to the fact that long after Conservatives served their purpose the rubber stamp, self-perpetuating and become self-justified,” Nelson said.

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“Brittany is someone who experienced moments of real distress that left her under severe restrictions that most people would find objectionable—including the choices of having children or going on tour—for too long. This is a moment to call for the disability rights community to pay attention and seek new controls and limits to protect the autonomy of people with mental health challenges.”

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