Washington school district’s ban on ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flag based on Jan. 6, use by ‘hate groups’


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District says ‘Thin Blue Line’ symbols have been used by ‘hate groups’

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a school district in Washington The state that ordered a teacher to remove a supporterpolice “Thin Blue Line” flag on his behalf class The flag has been used by “hate groups”, citing the Charlottesville rally and the January 6 riots as inspiration for doing so.

“While it may be seen by some as a tribute to the police, the symbol was also used by hate groups at a far-right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, and by rioters during the January 6 attacks on the US capital. was also done by [sic]Chris Pearson, interim superintendent of the Marysville school district, said in a letter to families and staff, obtained by Granthshala News.


“Therefore, without any educational context or purpose, the display of this symbol in the school classroom cannot be reasonably separated from the political connotations that are attached to its various uses and, as a result, a mixed or even That could send a disruptive message to employees, students and families,” the letter, continued on Monday.

The superintendent also noted that the pro-police flag, “could be interpreted in different ways by students coming from very diverse backgrounds.”

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Washington school bans pro-police flag, claims it is ‘political’, but allows BLM and LGBT messages

The message came after an anonymous teacher said she was forced to take down the pro-police flag class Over claims it is a “political symbol”, while messages supporting Black Lives Matter and LGBT pride flags are allowed in the school.

The teacher’s brother, former police officer, Chris Sutherland KTTH. Told on “The Jason Rantz Show” of situation.

“There’s also, she was telling me, BLM stuff hanging on the walls, which she was told was fine. For whatever reason, just the Thin Blue Line flag can’t be hung there,” says Sutherland, a resource Officers were also involved in the fatal Marysville Pilchuk High School shooting in 2014, added.

Oregon teacher removes American flag from classroom, says it’s ‘violence, danger and intolerance’

In a letter to the families, the BLM – who . Questions have been answered about took part in riots and protests last year Following the death of George Floyd – and pride flags are allowed and pro-police flags are not, it said, adding that they may have a “specific educational purpose”.

“In the context of a school, and related to the above policies, these other two symbols can be seen as having a specific educational objective that is directly associated with instructional objectives or extra-curricular programs. -Participate in various extra-curricular leadership activities, including our Black Student Union, Latino Student Union, LGBTQIA+ Club to name a few. In these cases, these symbols, or others like them, may be appropriate in a school setting,” the letter added. Gaya.

Pearson also noted in the letter that “our relationship with the Marysville Police Department remains a strong and positive one,” and that the district is “extremely grateful to our local law enforcement and to the support we provide to our district and schools.”

Calif teacher who removed US flag, students suggest allegiance to Pride flag removed from class

The teacher initially posted a “Thin Blue Line” flag to honor her brother, and she also has a gay pride flag in her class to support a gay relative.

The teacher reluctantly removed the “Thin Blue Line” flag from her classroom following the district’s order, but detailed in a message to HR that the school has experienced “the most painful and hostile” conditions.

“It’s sad because I can hear in his voice how much it really hurts him being told [take down the flag],” said Sutherland. “So when [she] And I talk about it, back and forth, it’s frustrating because I know how much she cares and how much it means to her. For him to go through it… it’s not fair.”

The school has not responded to Granthshala News’ multiple requests for comment on the matter.

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