Vax-to-ride? Docs say taxis should require shots for drivers, riders


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The risk of coronavirus transmission during a car ride may be ‘uncomfortably high’ in ride-shares

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Do you need a jab to drive a cab?

With shared vehicles basically rolling out petri dishes, epidemiologists say it would be “wise” that drivers and passengers of taxis and other rides would be required to Vaccination.


“I would definitely be in favor of that,” Dr. Barun Mathema, assistant professor of epidemiology at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, told The Post.

Ford evaluates Biden’s vaccine mandate

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the risk of coronavirus Transmission can be “uncomfortably high” during a car ride, depending on factors such as the length of the ride, wearing a mask, how fast the virus is spreading in the community, and, importantly, windows up or down. .

As it gets colder, Mathema said, riders “just don’t want” to keep the windows open.

He called for “creative solutions” to promote vaccinated rides, less than a mandate, perhaps discounts for vaccinated riders, driver incentives, or some kind of opt-in system for Jabd.

“There has to be coordination,” he said. “And it has to come from Government, or a ridesharing company with a mandate to overtake others may lose business.

Biden administration denies making vaccine mandatory for domestic flights

The City Taxi and Limousine Commission told The Post that while riders and drivers must wear masks, neither are subject to vaccine requirements like some city and state employees. It declined to comment on a mandate.

An Uber representative said the company doesn’t need the jabs yet, but it is promoting vaccines for riders and drivers.

Lyft co-founder John Zimmer said in a CNBC interview that the company considered a vaccine mandate but, for now, will stick with the mask.

Both taxi-killing Silicon Valley darlings require passengers to agree to use their apps and keep windows down before each ride.

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But Andrew Burgi, an assistant research scientist at NYU’s School of Global Public Health, said those measures are just “the best thing you can do until something better comes up” — namely, a vaccine. Now that shots are easy and free to get, he said there’s no point in relying on “secondary controls”.

“It makes sense to have a mandate,” he said. “If everyone was vaccinated, we wouldn’t have to worry about masks.”

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