Varney: The far-left exploits ‘hatred of the rich’


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“Warney & Company” host Stuart Varney on Monday criticized the “far-left” for exploiting “hatred for the rich”, saying that “Democrats‘ The seizure of wealth is based on jealousy, not economics.

Stuart Varney: Billionaires don’t get much sympathy.


Leftists know this and take advantage of it.

Actually, hatred of the rich is now the mantra of the Democrat Party. That’s why, for two years now, they’ve been making this what they call a wealth tax. In this way they will finance their massive spending plan.

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It is not tax. This is a seizure. They’ll just take it!

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Treasury Secretary Yellen will forfeit the money deposited in the stock or bond. Sen. Elizabeth Warren will add value to everything, stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses, artwork, diamonds, yachts, planes! And then they would take a piece of it every year.

This is what the Left really wants, as Margaret Thatcher said: ‘They don’t care if the poor become poor, as long as the rich get poor too!’

The seizure of wealth is based on jealousy, not economics. You have more than me not fair. We are taking it.

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It’s desperation indeed: Sen Cinema refused to support an increase in the tax rate on income or corporations, so the Left turned to its old stand-by: get it off the super-rich.

Another quote from Margaret Thatcher: ‘The problem with socialism is that eventually you end up with other people’s money.’

that’s true.

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