Varney: Bernie Sanders is holding the country hostage


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Varney slams AOC, Bernie and Pelosi for advancing socialism

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Granthshala Business’s Stuart Varney argued during his latest “My Take” on “Warney and Company” that the socialists who hold power in today’s American government represent an “accidental disaster.”

Varney: Biden needs maximum support for socialist agenda


Stuart Varney: No wonder the President canceled today’s visit to Chicago. she has to live in white House To save your president! Yes, it is that serious. He is in deep trouble.

Left demands $5 trillion worth Expenditure. Moderates say, ‘Not at all.’ They are fighting it as a government shut-down looms and a catastrophic lapse is weeks away. We are already on the verge. But this time the politicians involved are much more ideological and less willing to compromise.

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Bernie Sanders chairs the Senate Budget Committee! Just turned 80 years old. He has been in Congress for 30 years. their life’s work Socialism. He is not going to give up on his dream anymore. He has held his party and the country hostage. He’s saying you can’t have $1 trillion worth of infrastructure without $3.5 trillion of social spending. It’s all or nothing.

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Speaker Pelosi is 81 years old. She also asks for it all – not for ideological reasons, but for career achievement. she brought us Obamacare. Now she wants to connect us with new and wildly expensive rights. This is what she wants as her highest achievement.

AOC is 31 years old. she is new Congress, but she has already emerged as a very distant bright star. He and “The Squad” and “Progressive” also demand it all. And, like Bernie, they are also ideologically driven. They are socialists.

Taken together, Bernie in the Senate, AOC In the House and the Speaker represents an imminent disaster.

If they get their way, the Democrats lose the House and Senate next year and America is stuck with socialism.

If they don’t find the way, President Bidens Domestic policy has collapsed. He has promised Earth and he could not fulfill his party.

If socialists get half what they want, let’s say just $3 trillion, we’ll all be stuck with inflation, maybe a recession, and a stock market sell-off that takes your 401(k) down.

It would be nice if we could sit back and watch the Democrats erupt. Unfortunately the whole country is being held hostage by the speaker and socialists.

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