Valerie Bertinelli mocks author over Twitter posts about wife’s ‘pronoun’ incident


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Starr accused the writer of “seeking goals” so that he would later “make the victim cry”.

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Actress Valerie Bertinelli spoke up on Wednesday after Lebanese-Canadian behavioral scientist and author claimed that his wife had a strange encounter with a suspected transgender server at a restaurant.

Montreal-based author of “The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Diseases Are Killing Common Sense,” Gad Saad, 57, claimed that his wife had recently become “frozen in fear,” not knowing how to talk to a restaurant employee, Because she wasn’t sure if the server was transgender and didn’t want to risk using the wrong pronoun.


Bertinelli, 61, best known for TV roles in shows like “Hot in Cleveland,” “One Day at a Time,” and several other shows—and for her 26-year marriage to the late rocker Eddie Van Halen—wasn’t it.

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She suggested a list of things Saad’s wife could have said that would not have been offensive—and accused the author of “seeking goals” so that she would later “make the victim cry.”

“‘Hi’ ‘Sorry’ ‘How are you this morning?’ The ‘May I please have’ ‘Thank You’ star wrote.

“You can use language without worrying about someone’s pronouns. But you don’t really care about it, right? You’re only looking for the target, then you can make victims cry when people defend them. come.”

Saad explained that his wife wanted to tell the server’s colleague “he’ll hang it” while commenting on the server’s work performance, but wasn’t sure “he” was the correct pronoun to use.

The author also claimed that “natural classification mechanisms” were “built into our brains and languages”.

Later, he complained about the negative comments he received about his post.

“Wow, the hate I got from ‘tolerant’ people today because I shared a tweet about my wife on how to address a barista (with reference to the pronoun) took a day to tweet impressions Broke my all-time record!” wrote Saad. “For some people, progressive hatred is the elixir of life.”

Bertinelli retweeted Saad’s post – and interpreted it as proof of his previous “cry victim” comment.

“Clockwork,” wrote the star.

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