US Justice Dept antitrust nominee says he is eager to tackle more than just Big Tech


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Cantor showed enthusiasm when asked about the labor market, where non-competitive agreements and other issues have come under criticism

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WASHINGTON — Jonathan Cantor, the third of three progressives nominated by President Joe Biden to top US antitrust positions, pledged Wednesday to enforce antitrust laws in agriculture, drug prices and the labor market as well as Big Tech.

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Lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee did not focus on Big Tech markets, which have attracted large amounts of public attention, but asked about a range of industries. In response to each, Cantor promised to strictly enforce the antitrust law.


Cantor showed enthusiasm when asked about the labor market, where there has been criticism over non-competitive agreements and other issues that have made it harder for workers to leave their jobs for higher pay or better conditions.

Biden Taps GOOGLE Critic for Top Antitrust Post as He Builds Anti-Tech Team

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He said he was “eager” to work on the issue once confirmed.

If confirmed by the Senate, as expected, Cantor would take the reins of the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division, with particular criticism aimed at Alphabet’s Google, Facebook Inc., Inc. and Apple Inc. for tougher enforcement overall. with. The companies vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

The department has sued Google and is investigating Apple for violations of antitrust law.

Cantor has spent years representing rivals to Google, which was sued by the Justice Department last year alleging it broke antitrust laws to attract rivals.

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The Biden administration previously selected two antitrust progressives with technical expertise, Tim Wu for the National Economic Council and Lena Khan as a commissioner on the Federal Trade Commission.

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