US ‘deeply alarmed’ over reports of military coup in Sudan


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Autocrat Omar al-Bashir was ousted from mass protests in 2019

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The top US envoy for the Horn of Africa took to Twitter on Monday to announce his alarm over reports of a military coup in Sudan, targeting the country’s weak transitional government.

Reports from out of the country suggest a coordinated military offensive in Khartoum to blackout the Internet, arrest prominent political figures and raid broadcasting companies. A Reuters Witness Described members of the army and the country’s paramilitary Rapid Support Force deployed on the streets throughout the capital.


Military forces in the country have reportedly placed Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok under house arrest and are urging him to come out in support of the coup. The Associated Press reported that the country’s largest political party, the Ummah, called on people to take to the streets to counter the military.

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BBC informed of Khartoum airport has been closed and international flights suspended.

The takeover by the military, backed by conservative Islamists, would be a major blow to Khartoum, which has been battling the transition to democracy since mass protests in 2019 to the autocrat Omar al-Bashir. There was a failed coup attempt. last month.

Protesters shout slogans as they gather to support the current civilian government during a demonstration in Khartoum, Sudan, on October 21, 2021.

US envoy Jeffrey Feltman recently visited the country in an effort to defuse tensions, Bloomberg informed of.

Feltman said in a tweet posted by the State Department’s Bureau of African Affairs that the coup would “violate the constitutional declaration and democratic aspirations of the Sudanese people.”

Sudan's Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok (left) walks through a meeting with the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (2nd L) at Al Ittihadiyah Palace in Cairo, Egypt on September 18, 2019.  via Getty Images)

He called the development “completely unacceptable” and said that “any change in transitional government by force puts US aid at risk.”

Under Hamdok and the Transitional Council, Sudan has gradually emerged from years of international pariah status under al-Bashir. The country was removed from the United States’ pro-state terrorist list in 2020, opening the door to badly needed international credit and investment.

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The US provided about $337 million to support Sudan’s transitional government after al-Bashir was ousted, National. Feltman’s visit to the country on Saturday is his second in less than a month, the website reported, citing “the level of engagement is a concern” about a military takeover in Khartoum.


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