United exec warns passengers booking flights on airlines without vaccine mandates


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More than 99.7% of United Airlines employees decided to lay off

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United Airlines executives told investors Wednesday that customers should be wary of airlines that do not have the vaccine they require.

During the third-quarter earnings call, airline executives including CEO Scott Kirby said customers can “book with confidence” with United.


The Chicago-based carrier has taken the strongest pro-vaccination stance among US airlines and claims to have rolled out one of the most comprehensive vaccine policies in the country.

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“You can book at United with confidence,” said United’s chief commercial officer Andrew Nosella. “But if you’re booking on an airline that doesn’t have a vaccine requirement, they have government rules they have to follow and warn the emptor.”

In Latin, caution emptor means “let the buyer beware.”

United Airlines in process of filing FIR against 232 unvaccinated employees

Nocella elaborated, airlines that are not implementing vaccine requirements will face huge challenges.

If bad weather “could cause a meltdown, imagine if you had thousands of workers a day and are saying, for some reason my test didn’t pass,” Nocella said.

United CEO Scott Kirby said the carrier is in “good shape”.

With the exception of a small number of employees who were given religious or medical exemptions, United President Bret Hart said more than 99.7% of its US-based employees opted to get vaccinated.

Less than 1% of people who chose not to get vaccinated – about 232 employees – are in the process of being fired, the airline confirmed to Granthshala Business last week.

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This means a traveler’s “travel experience will not be disrupted by changes in government vaccine regulations,” Hart said.


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