Twitter temporarily suspends media watchdog over critical vaccinations tweet


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Tom Elliott’s sarcastic message to Biden official urging vaccinations in wake of Colin Powell’s death violates ‘abuse’ rules

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Twitter suspended a conservative media watchdog on Monday after it believed it sent a derogatory message criticizing a former Biden official’s opinion on vaccination.

After former Secretary of State Colin Powell died on Monday from COVID-19 complications, former Biden coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt said it was a reminder for others to get vaccinated if they haven’t already. Tom Elliott, founder of media production service Grabion, tweeted: “Get vaccinated, you too can die of Covid.”


Powell, 84, was fully vaccinated against COVID-19, but was immunized against multiple myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells, according to a spokesperson.

Twitter informed Elliott that he would be barred from tweeting for a week for violating its rules on “abuse and harassment”, which he described in a message that “wish or expect someone to be physically abused.” feel the loss.”

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Colin Powell’s Wisdom

Elliott told Granthshala News Digital that he was merely mocking the “irrational argument”, adding that it was also not made clear to him whether he was accused of derogatory language towards Powell or Slavitt.

“I was suspended yesterday for the offense of mocking an irrational argument,” he told Granthshala.

Elliott has appealed the decision. Twitter did not respond to a request for comment.

In addition to playing the Grabbian, Elliot produces video montages, or supercuts, mocks liberal media and political figures, and often shares viral news clips on his Twitter account.

Travis Tritt cancels shows in places where vaccines, negative tests or masks are required

recently The study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that since the infectious delta variant became the most common variant of the virus, vaccinated individuals were five times less likely to become infected, and ten times as likely to die or be hospitalized. was less. Powell was more vulnerable despite his vaccination status because of his cancer treatment.

Powell’s death also underscored how much the elderly are more vulnerable to the virus than younger people. More than half of coronavirus-related deaths in the United States have occurred in people 75 and older, and more than 75 percent are in people 65 and older, according to CDC data.

the new York Times reported last week That an unvaccinated child is less likely to develop serious illness from the coronavirus than a 70-year-old man.

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