Trump appointees sue Biden admin over ‘illegal removal’ from Naval Academy’s Board of Visitors


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America First Legal (AFL) announced On Thursday, it sued President Joe Biden’s administration on behalf of former White House press secretary Sean Spicer and former Office of Management and Budget Director Russ Watt to remove two people from the US Naval Academy’s board of visitors.

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Describing the move as an “illegal partisan power-grab” in a press release announcing the lawsuit, the AFL insisted that “Biden has no legal authority to terminate members” of his duly appointed From positions in the board of visitors.

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In a statement attached to the press release, AFL Vice President and General Counsel Jean Hamilton stressed that Spicer and Watt “have every right to serve every single day remaining on their terms.”

“Sean Spicer and Russ Watt are American patriots who were appointed to positions on the Board of Visitors at the United States Naval Academy because of their unique skills and their ability to contribute to the Board with tremendous experiences,” Hamilton said. “President Biden threatening to sack him before his terms expire – purely from the Advisory Board of Visitors, a body that does not exercise any executive power – violates the law. To our clients He has every right to serve every single day remaining on his terms. But even if the Biden administration sticks to its arguments, President Biden may have inadvertently set a precedent, which will be followed by all future administrations. will be followed by

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In Grievance, the plaintiffs claim that Biden has “no authority to terminate Mr. Spicer and Mr. Watt’s appointments to the board” because they “seek a temporary restraining order and ex-liminary injunction to prevent this unlawful removal.” ” The complaint also referred to former service positions held by Spicer and Watt.

For a president who has resolved to unify the country, eliminating the two highly qualified individuals from serving on this board, rather than focusing on the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan that left the Americans stranded, clearly There is an attempt to distract the American people,” Hamilton said. The administration is clearly trying to evade the surveillance that Congress has planned to achieve.”

Earlier this month, after learning of requests from the administration to resign his position on the visitor board, Spicer said Biden was “trying to eliminate Trump’s appointment to the Naval Academy” rather than “in Afghanistan.” to focus on the stranded Americans”. “

Watt also wrote about his resignation request, a Tweet, “No. It’s a three-year term.”

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