TikTok influencer educates Gen Z on personal finance with Fifecta


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Taylor Price is shaping a younger generation’s perspective on financial literacy

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Personal finance is rarely required to be learned in schools in the United States, leaving America’s young adults to fend for themselves in the much larger world of finance.

But 21-year-old TikTok influencer Taylor Price has made it her goal to educate Gen Z about being smart and responsible with money from a young age. Price told “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Wednesday that only six out of 50 states in the U.S. require personal finance courses to be tested, prompting them to launch financial literacy platform Fyfecta.


How many credit cards should you have?

“[It’s] It is being created to enable the younger generation to learn about financial literacy, to enter financial planning services and even wealth management,” she said.

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The college student explained that she changed career paths after learning how being financially literate “could change your life”.

“While I didn’t even know how to budget, I didn’t know what credit cards were, I didn’t want to act like my parents or my grandparents until today,” she said. “I wanted to learn how to retire and have that financial security.”

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Price’s TikTok video highlights the benefits of investing money in the stock market and Roth IRA, as well as how to save money on Amazon. She attributed the success of her videos to her “normal” and “inaccessible” looks and acting on screen.

The social media celeb texted Albert Einstein’s proposal that compound interest is the “eighth wonder of the world” and emphasized the desire to explore financial options to achieve the freedom that many Gen Z-ers see online.

“When you are talking about saving versus investing, especially when you are young – and even talking about inflation rates at least nowadays – just figuring out investing, So we realize, wow, we’re technically making money while we sleep,” she said.

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