‘Tiger King’ star Joe Exotic transferred to federal medical center for cancer treatment


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Joseph Maldonado-Passage is now being held at Butter Federal Medical Center in North Carolina

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Joseph “Joe Exotic” Maldonado-Passage was unexpectedly transferred to a federal medical center this week amid an ongoing battle with cancer.

NS”tiger kingStarr’s attorney, John M. Phillips, confirmed to Granthshala News Friday that Exotic was transferred from Fort Worth Federal Medical Center in Texas to Butter Federal Medical Center in North Carolina “in the late or early morning hours of November 16.” During the Hours”. November 17th.” The reason for his transfer is to get treatment for his cancer battle.


The transfer was due later this month, Phillips said.

The Butter Correctional Complex is made up of four prisons and a medical center. Phillips noted in a press release that it has been home to several “celebrity inmates”, including Bernie Madoff.

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‘Tiger King 2’: What it’s about, when it airs and everything you need to know

The lead attorney said, “He needs cancer treatment, but we expected that Marshall’s service and prison bureau would choose to send him to Oklahoma, so that he could prepare for his re-sentence and upcoming motions to reverse his sentence.” could.”

Philips describes Exotic as “one of the most passionate, full of life, customers I’ve ever had the pleasure of representing.” He said Exotic informed him about his prostate cancer diagnosis on November 1.

“As noted in Joe’s recent statements, he is undergoing medical treatment and tests for a number of issues. The PSA test is a blood test primarily used to screen for prostate cancer. This high month Was the first. He eventually got a biopsy. They uncovered two cancerous areas. He’s undergoing further testing,” Phillips said.

Phillips expressed his concerns about Exotic’s legal case and the state of his treatment in prison.

“The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated his sentence and information has revealed significant evidence of fraud and misconduct at his trial. However, prison medical care is not the best and justice is slow. It is a contest for life and liberty. That’s what nobody wants. Any part of it,” Phillips said.

The lawyer added: “It is often said, ‘We only have our health.’ The past few years have taken everything away from Joe Exotic – her wealth, her freedom, her husband sold her clothes, her parents passed away and she is now facing cancer. Please share your thoughts and feelings with Joe. Keep in prayers.”

Exotic’s legal team expects “the discovery of some new evidence to immediately spark outrage and hearings.”

Joe Exotic was the main subject of Netflix's hit documentary "tiger king" which started in 2020.

Meanwhile, ‘Tiger King’ season two debuted on Netflix on Wednesday. The season will consist of five episodes. The show will expand on information presented in the original, including the disappearance of Baskin’s previous husband, Don Lewis.

Phillips said that due to Exotic’s stint in prison, she has “no access” to be able to watch the new season.

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