This tiny James Bond Aston Martin DB5 kills with cuteness


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The $125,000 price is also shocking

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James Bond was also a kid once, right?


Aston Martin has collaborated with The Little Car Company to create a two-thirds scale version of the 007’s iconic DB5 spy car to help promote the upcoming film “No Time to Die”.

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The working replica has Gatling guns hidden behind headlights, a smoke screen, rotating license plates, and a “skid mode” that lets it do donuts as you fire.

The convertible is big enough to fit an adult and a child side-by-side and is powered by a 21.5 horsepower electric motor that’s good for a top speed of over 45 mph.

It’s not legal to drive on the road, but does Bond do anything legal? However, it comes with a real car price tag. Just 125 will be sold for a very Aston Martin-esque $125,000 each.

However, a deal can be considered, as Aston Martin sells full-size replicas of the DB5 with functional gadgets for $3.5 million.

A car built to promote the film “Thunderball” that was not even used for filming sold in 2019 for $6.4 million, while a long-lost one featured in both that film and “Goldfinger” Could be the price of the car that was stolen in 1997. $15 million if it came out for sale today.

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