These are the top states Americans are now moving to


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The top inbound metro area was Sarasota, Florida – according to new Mayflower data

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Americans looking for the best places to live are now turning to the Gem State, according to new data from the moving company mayflower.

In their recently released findings, their “finding a homeIn the survey that looked at Americans’ moving patterns from July 2019 to July 2021, Idaho ranked top for inbound moves by state. The top three were South Carolina, then Oregon, followed by Tennessee and Florida in fourth and fifth. ..


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Meanwhile, the top incoming metropolitan statistical areas (with 800 total moves or more) during the same time frame were Sarasota, Florida; Wilmington, North Carolina; Fort Myers-Cape Coral, Florida; Santa Fe, New Mexico and Boise, Idaho, in that order.

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In addition to migration data, the Mayflower also began this September a survey of 1,000 US adults who moved more than 300 miles at some point between July 2019 and July 2021. It found that two-thirds indicated water as a top influence on where they chose to move and 61% also cited proximity to parks, green spaces and nature trails as a major factor in relocating. cited. Local food and restaurant choices also matter for 55% of movers.

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“Through the Mayflower’s Finding Home data, we’re seeing that hometown pride is strong across America, with nearly three quarters of Americans feeling they belong to a specific hometown, suggesting it as a place to live. and love it—for example, more than half of all movers cited their area as the tastiest cuisine,” Eli Cummings, director of corporate communications, Mayflower, shared with Granthshala News.

From the data, the Mayflower also drew fascinating intelligence on moving trends. “For several years, we’ve been seeing widespread migration to the South and West regions, which is reflected in the Mayflower’s top inbound state and city data. It also aligns with the trends we’ve seen as the US reshuffled since the pandemic. Seen through. Began,” Cummings said. “Recent motivations to move have shifted, and Americans are moving to where they want to be, where they have to live,” he continued, adding that data from his recent survey found that definitions of ‘hometown’ differ. as 58% believe. This is where they originally come from and 42% think about where they currently live.

View full survey results Here.

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