‘The Masked Singer’ alums offer advice to upcoming performers: ‘You’ll actually shock yourself’


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Leanne Rimes, Bret Michaels and Rob Gronkowski talk costumes, music, and more

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There is no doubt that people are talking about “The Masked Singer”.

In the popular singing competition show, celebrities from various professions dress themselves from head to toe in a dress to completely hide their identities and perform in front of a live audience as well as a panel of judges. Every week, the artist who is considered the weakest must reveal his identity to the audience.


Stars like Leanne Rimes, Kelly Osbourne, Tori Spelling and many more have appeared on the show since the start of 2019.

Now, ahead of Thursday night’s season six premiere, several are offering advice in a video obtained by the alum Stephanie Weaver with Granthshala Television Stations For those preparing to take the stage.

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‘The Masked Singer’ teases Wild Season 6 with new behind-the-scenes video, costumes

One of the components of success in the show – as many previous contestants had pointed out – was dancing.

“Come up with your own special character move,” said R&B singer Kandi Burruss, who won season three as Angel of the Night.

“Know your moves,” echoed Jesse McCartney, who finished second as the Turtles during season three. “You must know your moves.”

No wonder, the lavish and elaborate costumes made an impact on the cast as well.

‘The Masked Singer’ reveals first costume for season 6

“It’s so surreal,” Rimes, season four’s winner as The Sun, said. “First of all it’s too much weight.”

Rob Gronkowski, who competed as the white tiger during season three, offered some advice on how to prepare for the heavy wardrobe requirements: “Sit in the sauna, wear as many layers of clothes as you can, and go to that sauna.” Go in and sing.”

“Be yourself, be creative,” advised Wiz Khalifa, season five’s chameleon.

McCartney said: “Choose your songs wisely.”

More than anything, the contestants asked the upcoming cast to let loose and enjoy themselves.

Nick Lachey, who won season five as Piglet, said, “I tried to channel my inner child and have more fun.” “This show is about fun.”

“Leave it all there on stage,” said season three’s Banana, Bret Michaels. “live in the moment.”

“When you put on the mask, you’re free and you can really let everything go,” said Nick Carter, who finished third in season four dressed as a crocodile.

“Just allow yourself to show up, you’ll really shock yourself,” Tamera Mowry said.

Singer JoJo told the upcoming contestants to “don’t give up” themselves.

“Just have fun,” echoes Burruss once again.

Despite his experiences on stage, Lachey said the situation is so unique that it’s not exactly easy to give advice.

He shared, “You can’t describe this experience to anyone in words.” “You really have to do this.”

“The Masked Singer” season six premieres on Granthshala at 8/7 p.m.

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