The Five: Biden’s border catastrophe is a crisis because ‘Joe is the system’ and ‘the system is broken’


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The White House continues to focus on the rejected claim that CBP was ‘whipping’ migrants.

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President Joe Biden deliberately sabotaged the homeland security system that keeps America’s borders under control, as he, as the man of five decades in the federal government, Is The system, “The Five,” was discussed by the panel on Thursday.

Host Greg Gutfeld noted the data the administration has been providing so far on how many illegal immigrants have been camping, deported, processed or simply into the U.S. interior under the Acua International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Have been let go, are not added.


“The White House either has no clue what’s going on at the border or they don’t want you to know how bad it is,” he said. “They’re pelting the media over the number of Haitian immigrants, the Biden administration is finally releasing the numbers. The problem is they don’t add up.”

He said the White House had again thwarted the efforts of overwhelmed Border Patrol agents by banning horseback riding on the basis of claims that Haitians were “whipped” by an agent who had entered the United States illegally across the Rio Grande. achieved success.

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The panel agreed that the boundary was broken, and host Jesse Waters made the point that Biden himself is the system and that being in control of the country as president shows that he has broken it.

“The problem is still there [after Border Czar Kamala Harris’ past efforts to ascertain ‘root causes’]. Everyone’s looking at Joe now, isn’t he? Joe, what are you gonna do? Which isn’t going to do anything for the next four years,” Waters claimed.

“Joe is now saying the system is broken. Joe broke the system. He’s caught and released, got rid of the wall; he shuts down the ICE guys: no more exiles. He broke it.”

“Their policy is catch and release. Joe Biden is the system. He’s been in the system for 40 years,” Waters said.

“He can get rid of all this with the stroke of his pen.”

Waters said that while the White House obscures the true impact of the border crisis, Sen. Charles Schumer of New York “let the truth slip” when he sought an apology allegedly based on the theory of the current labor shortage.

In recent comments, Schumer blames President Donald Trump for cutting foreign worker visas, saying we need them [illegal immigrants] in our labor force. We need them to keep American vitality going

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“Crying Chuck wants votes, [it’s] Quite clear,” Waters said. “They need cheap labor because that’s what their donors want.”

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