The FBI-led search for Gabby Petito’s fiance is scaling back but becoming more targeted on intelligence, police say


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The FBI is narrowing its search Gabby Petito’s The fiancé, Brian Laundry, was supposed to be targeted more based on intelligence after officers spent more than 10 days combing through the 25,000-acre nature reserve, police said Monday in North Point, Florida.

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The development comes after the FBI visited the Laundry’s family home request personal items Laundry’s attorney told several news outlets to assist with the DNA matching.

Laundry’s parents told investigators that they last saw him on September 14, three days after Petito went missing. His parents told police that he left their house saying he was going to the nearby Carlton Reserve.


A source close to the family told CNN’s Chris Cuomo Laundry left his parents’ house Without his cell phone and wallet and his parents worried he might hurt himself.

Later that week, a laundry search became more significant when officials found Pettito’s remains in Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest. A coroner ruled his death a homicide

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Petito’s family demanded privacy after her remains were discovered, commenting only about the woman they described as happy, loving and courageous online and at some of the many memorials held in her honor.

But on Tuesday afternoon, the family is expected to hold a news conference, according to the law office of Richard Stafford, who represents the family.

Petito’s case shed light on thousands of missing persons cases There was more stir across the country heartbreak and resentment In many.

There are looming questions surrounding what happened on her road trip with the laundry Inspired digital spies to comb Further reports surfaced through the couple’s online trail to try to resolve the matter that tensions were brewing between the couple.

Dispatch sheds more light on audio controversy

The first reports of conflict between the two came on August 12, when a 911 caller in Moab, Utah, told dispatchers he wanted to report a domestic dispute and described a white van with a Florida license plate.

The caller said, “We passed by and the gentleman was slapping the girl.” He continued, “Then we stopped. They ran up and down the sidewalk. He proceeded to hit her, jumped in the car and off they went.”

CNN obtained a dispatch audio recording Monday from the Grand County Sheriff’s Office that sheds more light on what Moab police were told of “some sort of dispute.”

According to the audio, the dispatcher told the officer that “a man hit a woman” and they boarded a white Ford Transit van.

Police tracked down the white van and began a stop near the entrance to Arches National Park. The van had petito and laundry.

In his police report, Officer Eric Pratt said Petito had slapped Laundry, “who grabbed her face and pushed her back as he pressed her and on the van.”

Another response officer, Daniel Robbins, said Petito “went into a manic state” when Laundry “tried to separate from him so they could both calm their feelings.” The officer reported seeing “slight visible scratches” on the face of the laundry.

In a bodycam video of the incident, Petito is seen telling police, “We’ve only been fighting this morning – going through some personal issues.”

“He didn’t let me get in the car before,” Petito said.

The officer asks Petito, “The reason for your OCD?”

She replies, “He told me I needed to calm down, but I’m already sober.”

“I have OCD and sometimes I get really depressed,” she said.

According to the police, the officers suggested the couple to go their separate ways that night and no charges were filed.

“We’re reaching out to an outside agency to do that investigation,” Moab Assistant Chief of Police Braydon Palmer told CNN on August 12 regarding his handling of the dispute.

Palmer did not specify the agency.

laundry search

Laundry returned to the Florida home he shared with his parents on September 1 without Pettito, and officers are looking for him to respond.

Initially, he was not wanted on any charges, but now the laundry faces a federal warrant for his arrest For his “use of unauthorized equipment” stemming from his alleged actions after Pettito’s death. According to a federal indictment, Laundry allegedly used a debit card and PIN number for accounts that did not belong to him between the dates of August 30 and September 1 for charges of more than $1,000.

A lawyer for Laundry’s family stressed in a statement that the warrant was not for Pettito’s death, but was related to activities that reportedly took place afterward.

Two separate prizes totaling $30,000 have been offered to anyone providing law enforcement officers with laundry whereabouts.

FBI agents returned to the laundry home on Sunday, as seen in a video shot by CNN. At least two agents could be seen at the house and one was carrying a bag.

During a visit to the family home, “the FBI requested certain personal items belonging to Brian Laundry to assist him in DNA matching,” Laundry’s attorney Steven Bertolino told multiple news outlets, and Brian’s parents Provided the FBI what they could.” .

‘Enjoy every moment of this beautiful world like it did’

As investigators continued their search for Laundry Sunday, friends, family and strangers gathered in Holbrook, New York, to pay tribute to Petito.

Joseph Petito described his daughter in praise as a “happy girl” to whom people would be attracted. She welcomed others, she said, and she loved being outside, scuba diving, hiking the Appalachian Trail, or snowboarding the sand dunes in Colorado.

“I want you to be inspired by Gabby, that’s what we’ve been looking for,” said Joseph Petito. “If there’s a trip you guys want to take, take it now. When you have time, do it now.”

“If there’s a relationship you’re in that might not be the best thing for you, just leave it,” he said, a clear reference to his daughter’s relationship with laundry.

Petito’s stepfather, Jim Schmidt, also gave a eulogy, telling the gathering, “Parents shouldn’t bury their kids. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.”

Petito “provides an example for all of us to live by,” Schmidt said, “to enjoy every moment in this beautiful world as it did – to love and be loved by all as it did. “

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