The exercise routine that’s 3 times more beneficial than walking, according to researchers


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Steady time is reportedly offset by higher levels of activity, exercise

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According to new research, moderate or vigorous physical activity is three times more beneficial for a person’s health than walking.

A recent study published in the European Heart Journal examined the exercise habits of 2,070 adults – a modest majority of whom were women – who participated in the Framingham Heart Study using an accelerometer.


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An accelerometer is an instrument that measures the vibration or acceleration of the motion of a structure.

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Cardiopulmonary exercise tests – using a face mask or mouthpiece to measure oxygen intake and carbon dioxide exhaled – were performed from 2016 to 2019 on stationary cycles for comprehensive fitness assessment.

Participants also brought home accelerometers to wear around their waists for eight days after the study visit and had worn accelerometers at the most recent study visits and at the prior visit eight years earlier, According to Dr. Mathew Nair lead author of the study and assistant professor of medicine at Boston University.

test results, The study authors said, were largely consistent across categories of age, gender, obesity and cardiovascular risk.

An increase of 17 minutes of moderate-vigorous physical activity per day or 2,312 steps per day or a decrease of 249 minutes of sedentary time per day between the two test cycles corresponded with 5% higher peak oxygen uptake, and those with higher-average steps Individuals or moderate-vigorous physical activity demonstrated average peak oxygen uptake values ​​per day regardless of their sedentary time.

Moderate-vigorous physical activity is defined as a rate of 100 to 129 steps per minute and more than 130 steps per minute is considered vigorous. A cadence of 60 to 99 steps per minute is considered low-level exertion.

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“Our findings provide a detailed assessment of the relationship of different types of physical activity with multidimensional cardiorespiratory fitness measures and suggest favorable longitudinal changes in physical activity. [and moderate vigorous physical activity in particular] are associated with more objective fitness,” they wrote in the study.

In a Q&A with Boston University’s “The Brink,” Nair explained that the study came about as a means to better understand the relationship between both physical activity and high levels of fitness.

“We expected that higher amounts of moderate-vigorous physical activity, such as exercise, would lead to better peak exercise performance, but we were surprised to see that even higher-intensity activity improved the body’s ability to start than walking. was more efficient and maintain a lower level of exertion,” he said. “We were also unsure whether the number of steps per day or the amount of time spent less would actually affect peak fitness levels. We found that they were associated with higher fitness levels in our study group. These findings were consistent across categories of age, gender, and age.” and health status, confirming the relevance of maintaining physical activity [throughout the day] for all.”

The Boston Medical Center cardiologists noted that the study’s findings also indicated that high levels of activity and exercise could offset the negative effects of sitting and being inactive.

“Our third question was, are recent physical activity habits more important than previous exercise habits in determining current levels of fitness? Interestingly, we found that there were higher activity values ​​in one assessment and lower values ​​in the other assessment. Participants who performed eight years apart had equivalent levels of fitness, whether the higher value coincided with the fitness test or not.” “This suggests that there may be a ‘memory effect’ of past physical activity on current levels of fitness.”

Nair said the researchers hope the study will provide information that can eventually be used to improve physical fitness and overall health.

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