‘The Crown,’ ‘Ted Lasso,’ top Emmy Awards


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LOS ANGELES — Netflix’s “The Crown” and “The Queen’s Gambit” teamed up with Apple TV+’s “Ted Lasso” to win top series honors at Sunday’s Emmy Awards, a first for streaming services that have rocketed to prominence in the television industry. strengthened its growth.

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“The Crown” stars Olivia Colman and Josh O’Connor won top drama acting honors Sunday, alongside Jason Sudeikis, star of the warm-hearted “Ted Lasso” and Gene Smart of generation-gap story “Hacks.” comic side.

Coleman and O’Connor were a winning fictional mother-son duo: she plays Queen Elizabeth II, with O’Connor as Prince Charles in the British royal family saga that combines gravitas and soap operas.


“I wouldn’t have invested money if this hadn’t happened,” Coleman said of the award, calling it “a sweet ending to a most extraordinary journey” with the show’s cast and creators. She shortened her comment, explaining why she was getting teary-eyed.

“I lost my dad during COVID, and he must have loved it all.” he said.

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O’Connor gave a shout-out to Emma Corwin, who played alongside her as Princess Diana and was also Sunday’s nominee as a “force of nature.”

He also thanked his grandparents, including his grandmother, who had died a few months earlier, and his grandfather, Peter O’Connor, for the “greatest gift” of kindness and loyalty.

Sudeikis, who also produced the series, which many viewers found a balm for the difficult pandemic times, gave a speech that gave the chiller, upbeat character playing the series about a UK football team and its unlikely US coach. be exposed.

“The show is about families and mentors and teammates, and I wouldn’t be here without those things in my life,” Sudeikis said. He also thanked his fellow classmates, saying, “I’m only as good as you guys make me look.”

Smart, who received a standing ovation, began her acceptance speech on a sad note: Her husband, actor Richard Gilliland, passed away six months ago.

“I wouldn’t be here without him” and his desire to put his career first, Smart said. She praised her two children as “adventurers in their own right”.

Earlier in the evening, “Ted Lasso” classmate Hannah Waddingham, who won the Best Supporting Actress Award for a Comedy, said that Sudeikis “changed my life, and more importantly my baby girl.”

The show’s Brett Goldstein, who won the equivalent award for supporting actor, said that he had promised not to swear and either imitated or silenced for a few seconds, then took the show as a “privilege and enjoyment of his life”. ” said.

Gillian Anderson and Tobias Menzies were honored for their supporting performances in the British royal drama “The Crown”. The series also garnered writing and directing honors.

Anderson, who played British political leader Margaret Thatcher, used her acceptance speech to thank her manager of 20 years for her advice and confidence before believing her talent.

Menzies, who plays Prince Philip, did not attend the ceremony, which included a London gathering for “The Crown” nominees.

Before announcing the winner in her category, presenter Kerry Washington spoke to another “Lovecraft County” nominee, Michael K. Salute Williams. Williams died on 6 September at the age of 54.

“Michael was a wonderfully talented actor and a generous human being who left us too soon,” Washington said.

Another lost star was remembered by John Oliver for “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”.

“No one was funnier in the last 20 years than Norm Macdonald on late-night comedy,” said Oliver while accepting the Emmy for Best Variety Talk Show, asking people to spend time checking out clips of Macdonald. suggested, as was the case after MacDonald’s death in September. 61 at the age of 14.

Kate Winslet, who played the title character in “The Mayor of Easttown” and Ewan McGregor, who starred in the fashion biopic “Halston”, were honored as top actors for a limited series.

Winslet saluted her sister’s nominees in “This decade should be about women patting each other’s backs.”

Julian Nicholson and Evan Peters claimed the Best Supporting Acting honor for “Mare of Easttown” about crime and family dysfunction.

Nicholson said, “The script was “true to the horrors and beauty of the lives of ordinary people,” especially the lives of women.

She and Peters both saluted the star Winslet.

“Man, you’re good at acting. But turns out you’re good at taking care of the whole production,” Nicholson said.

Debbie Allen receives the Governors Award for her long and acclaimed career as an actor, dancer, choreographer and activist

“I’m trembling with gratitude and grace and trying not to cry… It’s been years in the making, it took a lot of courage to be the only woman in the room most of the time. Courage and creative and fight and believe To believe I can move on, and I have,” she said.

The show began with a musical number in which host Cedric the Entertainer rapped a modified version of the biz marquee hip-hop hit “Just a Friend” with songs like “TV, You’ve Got What I Need”. LL Cool J drew limited audiences from the audience in the form of omitted verses celebrating stars like Rita Wilson, Mandy Moore, and the breadth of television.

Seth Rogen, presenting the first prize, threw some cold water on the festive atmosphere, seeing that the Emmys were being held in a giant tent. “There’s a lot of us in this little room,” he said as he tried to be weird, which fell flat.

“Why have a ceiling? Instead of making sure we have three chandeliers, it’s more important that we don’t kill Eugene Levy tonight. That’s the decision.”

Cedric the Entertainer worked hard and landed some laughable jokes, but the comedy bits of the night were hit and miss—including Stephen Colbert’s jokes about California’s failed governor recall and Ken Jeong’s attempts at past security and the show. Are included.

The makers of the show promised that the show will be a celebration for all. But for some it can be too rewarding, even historical.

This includes the Netflix drama “The Crown” and the Apple TV+ comedy “Ted Lasso.” Each is considered the frontrunner for top series honors in their respective categories, and their cast received armloads of nominations.

Streaming will benefit more than shows. Wins in both the Best Drama and Comedy Series categories will mark a first for the streaming services and cement their growing dominance, much to the dismay of the contestants.

But the TV industry, which includes broadcast networks that still show popular shows but are largely eclipsed at the Emmys, says those in charge of airing on CBS, will be honored.

Roughly 500 people attended the Emmys in downtown Los Angeles, fashion standout Billy Porter sporting large feathers attached to the sleeves of his black trouser look, and Sudeikis walked the red carpet in a soft blue velvet suit.

The ultimate goal of the makers is to have a function that excites and acknowledges the importance of TV during the pandemic and its lockdown.


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