‘The Conjuring’ house listed for $1.2M, just 2 years after last sale


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Rhode Island home believed to be haunted by a witch’s spirit

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Ghosts can still live in nice houses.

An infamous haunted house in Rhode Island is up for sale again. Anyone interested in buying a home should know that it is the inspiration for the highly successful “Conjuring” movies and is said to be haunted.


The house is from the first film in the horror film series. According to real estate listingThe price for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Burrillville, Rhode Island is $1.2 million.

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In the listing, the house is called an “extraordinary piece of cultural history.”

As depicted in the 2013 film, the Perón family moved into the home in the 1970s. While there, he claims to have experienced supernatural phenomena. The house was investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators who rose to fame during the time period.

In the film, the house was haunted by a witch who lived in the area during the 1800s. The film claims that the events depicted in it are based on real events.

According to the listing, “Current caretakers have reported countless incidents in the home, and have turned overnight guest bookings and group events at the property into a steadily successful business.”

Granthshala News previously reported that Corey and Jennifer Heinzen bought the house in 2019. At the time, he said that he immediately fell in love with the property.

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The couple also said that they heard footsteps and knocks from empty parts of the house and that empty rooms were randomly lit up with lights (even though initially the room was not illuminated). The couple claimed to feel a presence, though they said it didn’t feel like a bad presence.

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