‘The Big Leap’ star Scott Foley says new show is filled with ‘levity and hope’


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Foley plays a fictional TV executive producer on new dance-packed show

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Scott Foley believes audiences will really connect with his new Granthshala drama series “The Big Leap.”

The dance-filled series is based on a British reality TV show and follows a group of diverse “underdogs” who attempt to change their lives by participating in a reality dance show that potentially gives them a second chance at their dreams. provides.”


Foley told Granthshala News while promoting the series that the show is very heartfelt.

“The feel-good nature of the dance and the shows that the whole world has gone through. You know, we’re watching a lot of television and for whatever reason, I’m watching a lot of dark stuff. It feels like that’s on TV right now.” That is … they are dark and they take a toll,” he said. “And this show doesn’t. It’s full of fervor and hope. And that’s what I’m excited to take away from people.”

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In the new show, Foley plays Nick Blackburn, a fictional TV executive producer.

“[The plot takes] Like unconventional dancers, people who either wanted to and weren’t able or people who were indifferent to their fate and produced, over the course of a few weeks, a stage production of Swan Lake, “he teased the show.” All have second chances and they come together to perform.”

Luckily, Foley joked that he didn’t have to dance and that he wasn’t crazy about it.

“I’m blessed to be one of those guys on the show who doesn’t dance,” he laughed. “I’m saying this more than my executive producers and writers and anyone else. I don’t think that’s what people want to see. People don’t need Scott Foley to dance. So I’m happy to judge, criticize, and judge.” Lift others up while you dance.”

“The Big Leap” premieres September 20 at 9 p.m. EST on Granthshala.

Granthshala’s Ashley Dworkin contributed to this report.

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