Thanksgiving dinner prices are rising


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Prices are rising due to labor shortage, transportation cost and supply chain issues

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Thank you Dinner is going to be very expensive this year.

According to recent reports, the price of almost all the ingredients needed for a Turkey Day dinner is rising—including the turkey itself.


On Friday, the US Department of Agriculture announced its “Turkey Market News Report“, which found that turkeys between eight and 16 pounds are about 26 cents more per pound than they were last year.

Pumpkin shortage in America before Halloween, price hiked

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Meanwhile, a three-pound bag of russet potatoes costs $1.12 this year, compared to $0.99 last year; According to the USDA, green beans are priced at $1.62 a pound this year, compared to $1.46 last year. National Retail Report on Special Crops.

As a result of rising food costs, the cost of Thanksgiving is expected to be 4% to 5% higher this year than last year, CBS informed of.

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According to CBS, there are several reasons for the increase in prices, including supply chain issues, labor shortages and increased transportation costs.

And even though prices will be high, there are unlikely to be many shortages when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, Veronica Nigh, senior economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation, told CBS.

Last year, the cost of Thanksgiving dinner was at a record low because of the coronavirus pandemic, Granthshala Business reported at the time.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people averaged $46.90 last year, down from $5 per person. annual survey. This was a decrease of $2.01 from the previous year.

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