Texas-based Southwest, American to abide by Biden vaccine mandate despite conflicting ban from governor


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Governor Greg Abbott on Monday issued a ban on vaccine mandates to “any entity”, including private businesses

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Southwest and American Airlines, both based out of Texas, reportedly plan to continue requiring the vaccine for their employees despite Gov. Greg Abbotts A new ban on the vaccine is mandated this week.

According to the Washington Post, violators of the governor’s Monday executive order, which affects private businesses and which it says is intended to prevent Texans from “losing their livelihoods,” could face fines. “Vaccines should always be voluntary for Texans,” Abbott said in the order.


but President Biden also issued a conflicting federal mandate that will take effect soon, requiring businesses with more than 100 employees and all federal employees and contractors to have their employees vaccinated or submitted for testing.

There are thousands of employees in both the American and Southwest, Post informed of.

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“I’ve never been on the side of corporations enforcing that kind of mandate,” said Southwest CEO Gary Kelly. CNBC on Tuesday. “But President Biden’s executive order says that all federal employees and then all federal contractors that cover all the major airlines must have a mandate vaccine by December 8th, so we’re working through that. ”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott bans ‘any entity’ from implementing COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Americans also agreed to follow the mandate of Biden instead of the governor.

According to The New York Times, a spokeswoman for American said, “We believe that the federal vaccine mandate supersedes any conflicting state laws, and it does not change anything for American.”

Businesses that comply with Abbott and Biden would also have to turn down federal contractors and could lose federal funding. Texas Tribune informed of.

Abbott said Biden’s order “left employers with an unfair choice of violating federal regulations or losing their valuable employees” and added that his order could be enforced by state and local law enforcement, according to Times.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday accused Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who issued a similar order, “putting politics ahead of public health.”

“We will continue to enforce that law, which the President of the United States has the ability to do … legal authority,” she said.

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