Tequila bottles found on new Boeing Air Force One jet


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The incident is under investigation

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In the same month, two empty liquor bottles were found on one Boeing Development of the company’s new Air Force One aircraft is underway in San Antonio, people familiar with the matter said.

These people said that the company is investigating the discovery of miniature bottles of tequila on one of the jets of the future US President. It is not known where the bottles were found on the plane.


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whereas Boeing has a problem Along with tools, rags and other factory waste left on commercial and military aircraft in recent years, the incident is particularly serious because it contains alcohol and highly classified jets, which would be known as Air Force One when Commander. The -in-chief will be on board.

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A Boeing spokesman said the incident was a personnel issue. The company has said that it is working to improve the quality and manufacturing operations.

Boeing’s new Air Force One jets are heavily modified 747-8 aircraft known as the VC-25B military version. Employees need a security clearance to work on the aircraft. In court papers in a supplier dispute earlier this year, lawyers for Boeing described the aircraft as “effectively an air seat of the government”, with defense programs such as ballistic missiles being a “highest national priority”. was in the ranking.

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Boeing does not internally regard the discovery as a primarily foreign object debris incident known to FOD’s industry because, according to a person familiar with the matter, alcohol is not allowed in any of the manufacturer’s facilities. . This person said that the company took the search very seriously.

a white House The spokesman referred questions to the US Air Force. An Air Force spokesman said Boeing informed the service branch about the personnel matter and that the aircraft-modification work was not affected.

The Air Force and Defense Contract Management Agency, which oversees the Pentagon’s suppliers, closely monitors production quality and “holds Boeing accountable for ensuring that the VC-25B program meets stringent quality-control requirements.” completes,” she said.

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The Pentagon contracting agency said it takes factory-wreck incidents seriously and works with contractors to correct such issues.

Boeing told the Pentagon earlier this year New Air Force One jet may be delayed by a year and indicated that it may request more than $500 million in additional taxpayer funding due to the COVID-19 pandemic and supplier dispute. Boeing inks $3.9 billion deal To have two new jets with the President Donald Trump in 2018.

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