Tech tip: Get more life out of your dying phone battery


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Users have few options when their phone battery is low

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What can you do when you’re out and about and feel your battery life is low? Keep reading for some solid options.

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there is a method for that

Apple and Android both have a handy setting especially for those times when you’re running out of juice, and it’s relatively easy to turn on. These low-power modes temporarily disable the most battery-draining apps, features, and processes.

You can turn it on manually, and it will automatically turn off when your phone charges again.

A word of warning: your phone will not be at its best in this mode. For starters, if your phone is on 5G, it reverts to 4G. Your phone won’t check email or update news, weather, and other apps frequently.

“Hey Siri” and “Ok Google” don’t work. Your notes, photos, and appointments also won’t sync to the cloud unless you’ve backed up at least 80 percent of them. Still, it’s helpful in a pinch.

Apps are one of the biggest battery killers. Tap or click here to find out which apps drain your phone’s battery and storage the most.

Enabling Low Power Mode on iPhone:

to open Adjustment > Battery.

Slide the toggle next to Low Power Mode to the right to enable it.

In iOS 9 and above, you will receive notifications when your battery level reaches 20 percent and 10 percent. You will get an option to enable Low Power Mode with a single tap.

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Enabling Power Saving Mode on Android:

Android’s version of this battery-saving mode is called Power Saving Mode, which is available on Android 5.0 OS and above.

For Samsung Galaxy:

to open Adjustment > Select Battery and device care.

Choose power saving mode.

Slide the toggle next to Power Saving Mode to the right to enable it.

There are many Android manufacturers out there, all with their own steps and procedures. The steps for your model may be different.

Don’t have a user manual? No worries. Tap or click here for thousands of free online user manuals Or do a Google search for “your phone model + power saving mode”.

Other ways to extend battery life

While these battery-saving modes will save the most juice, they disable some of the functions you may want to use. Try these tips to save battery power but don’t want to go straight to low power mode.

Reduce Brightness: The brighter the screen, the more battery you use. Dim the screen down to save a little juice.

To dim the brightness on an iPhone, open Adjustment choose more performance and brightness. Slide the toggle under Brightness Left to reduce it. If you want to make it brighter, slide the toggle on Rights.

For Android, Open Adjustment choose more Display. slide the toggle on Left to reduce brightness or Rights to increase it.

Curb Notifications: Constant dings, pings and fetching data use up a lot of battery. Turn off notifications for unnecessary apps to give yourself more time.

You can turn off notifications for a specific app on iPhone directly from your Home screen or Lock screen. Pull down the notification screen on your iPhone to view a list of recent people.

Tap and hold the notification, then tap Three point in the upper-right corner. You will get a popup with some options. to select Stop it To stop them completely.

You can follow the same steps on an Android phone. Swipe down on the notification panel to see a list of your notifications. Touch and hold the one you want to turn off turn off notifications.

You can also long press and hold on a notification as it happens, then tap settings cog To go directly to notification settings.

An Android logo displayed on a smartphone is seen in this photo illustration.  There are power saving modes for users in Android 5.0 OS and above.

Technical tip: Digitize your handwritten notes or copy text from a photo

Turn off non-essential features: Every extra feature you use, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, drains your battery. If you are not using them, turn them off.

Try Airplane Mode: This setting switches off your phone’s cellular and wireless connections. When you need to save battery, turn it on and then off again to make calls or send messages.

Control the temperature: Keep your phone temperature stable. If you are in the car and your phone is sitting in the sunbeam in the passenger seat, you will see how fast your battery is draining.

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