Taylor Swift bumps up re-release of album ‘Red,’ fans react: ‘This is not a drill’


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‘Raid (Taylor’s Version’) to release on November 12

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Taylor Swift’s latest announcement will make fans pink.

The singer took to Twitter on Thursday to announce her rendition of her acclaimed album “Red” released a week before — and naturally, Swifties were sent into a frenzy.


According to Swift’s tweet, the re-release will now take place on November 12, and the release will also include a four-disc vinyl.

“Got some news that I think you’re gonna like,” Swift, 31, wrote. “My version of Raid will end a week ahead of schedule.”

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Man busted for trying to break into Taylor Swift’s NYC apartment

“Do you ever sleep?” replied Matt Bernstein, an Internet Micro Influencer, on Twitter.

The companies also had Twitter accounts in their announcement. fangirling.

“This is not a drill,” tweeted Company account for the card game UNO.

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However, other fans suspect Swift’s premature release of “Red”. matches With the release of Adele’s new album, which is also rumored to arrive in November.

“Taylor Swift has rescheduled Red (Taylor’s version), fueling rumors that Adele will release her fourth studio album in November,” Explained A fan on Twitter.

“Taylor Swift herself announces Adele’s return before Adele,” jokingly said one more.

But Swifties any day will see the early release of the long-awaited album from Swift. they are looking forward to Swift’s version of her album, beginning with a version of “Fearless,” released earlier this year.

When she announced the release of “Red” last month, originally slated to release it on November 19, Swift said it would include all 30 songs that were supposed to be on the album, even That even those who didn’t make the cut for the first time.

“In a land of heartbreak, moments of strength, freedom and devil-may-care rebellion are intricately woven with grief, paralyzing vulnerability and despair,” he wrote on Instagram earlier this year. “Imagining your future can always take you back to the past. And all that is to say, the next album I’ll release is my version of Red.”

Featured on the album are indie rocker Phoebe Bridgers and country singer Chris Stapleton., with Swift’s longtime friend Ed Sheeran.

One song from the album is even 10-minutes in length, she said on Instagram, potentially alluding to her version of “All Too Well”, complete with profanity her fans are used to hearing from the lyrically clean country-pop singer. are not.

Swift said, “Can’t wait to celebrate 13th with you and our new/old Autumn Heartbreak album.”

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