Suspect killed after going on violent crime spree in downtown LA; hostage rescued


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A suspect who took a woman hostage was shot dead after going on a violent crime spree in downtown LA on Friday evening.


Part of the hostage situation was caught on video.

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After 4 p.m. the Los Angeles Police Department began receiving calls from a man armed with a gun in the area of ​​8th and Broadway.

According to police, the suspect came up to a man on the sidewalk, pulled out a gun, pointed to the man’s face and pulled the trigger. Thankfully the bullet didn’t go off.

Police say the suspect went into a business in the 700 block of Broadway after the incident. Three family members, including a 14-year-old boy, were inside the business. The suspect pointed a gun at the group and opened fire…with one bullet hitting the side of the teen’s head.

Following that crime, the suspect then moved to the area of ​​6th and Vasant where he attempted to kidnap a woman, police said in a statement. statement friday. The suspect’s attempt was unsuccessful and he fled the road at the intersection of 7th and Vasant, where he later collided with a man on his bike.

During this, the security officers of the area flagged off the officers. Once when officers attempted to contact the suspect, he fled and fled to an apartment complex on 6 and Maine. The suspect had locked himself hostage inside a unit.

In chilling images shared by social media user, @_teddybomber, a man in a white shirt is shown dragging another man into a room in a high-rise building, before gunshots and loud noises can be heard.

From the video, it is seen the suspect pointing the gun at the hostage and moving around the room.

Officials requested backup from the SWAT teams and K9. Through the window, LAPD officers saw the suspect pointing a gun at the hostage’s head and acted immediately, fearing the worst.

After this the officers opened fire, due to which the suspect died on the spot.

The hostage was taken to the hospital as the 14-year-old was wounded by a bullet.

The pistol of the accused has been recovered from the spot. His identity or motive for the crime spree is not known.

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