Sullivan says G20 leaders will ‘understand’ domestic politics if Biden agenda has not passed


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Biden is expected to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday

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White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said foreign leaders attending the G20 summit later this week will “understand” whether President Biden has not reached an agreement with Congress on his agenda ahead of his foreign trip , adding that international partners are “excited” to see it happen. The United States is taking steps to tackle climate change by investing in, enhancing infrastructure, and more.

The president is scheduled to visit Rome on Thursday, where he will meet for the first time with Pope Francis in Vatican City on October 29, followed by bilateral engagements with Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi.


Biden to meet Pope Francis in Vatican City ahead of G20

The President is expected to meet French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday before attending the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

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The meeting with Macron follows the AUKUS agreement announced last month, which is set to focus on developing Australia’s nuclear-powered submarine capabilities – an effort France was working to undertake with Australia. Following the announcement of AUKUS, France withdrew its ambassadors from the US and Australia.

During a call between the two leaders early last month, Macron “decided that the French ambassador would return to Washington next week,” and that the ambassador “will begin intensive work with senior US officials.”

Sullivan previewed Biden’s role at the G20, saying he would attend “a number of sessions covering key elements of the international economy and international affairs.” Sullivan said Biden will have the opportunity to “connect with key leaders on issues important to the American people, including supply chains, resilience, energy prices, the Iranian nuclear program and more.”

Asked whether Biden’s credibility would be weakened should he not reach a deal with Congress to pass his Build Back Better agenda, Sullivan said it would not affect Biden’s ability to deliver.

“I think you have a sophisticated group of world leaders who understand the politics in their country, and American democracy, and believe that the United has a complex, far-reaching take on some of the greatest investments in modern memory.” The talks have to work through states, which takes time,” Sullivan told reporters. “So, I don’t think world leaders will see this as a binary issue.”

Democrats Plan Ultra-Billionaire Tax to Spend Bill

Sullivan said that, no matter what, Biden is “on track to deliver,” which he has expressed he hopes to deliver.

“We believe, one way or another, he will be on track to do that,” Sullivan said.

Following his participation in the G20, Biden will travel to Glasgow, Scotland, to attend the World Leaders Summit on 1 and 2 November, at the start of the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Sullivan said the president would deliver “a major address on climate” as part of that event, and would have an “opportunity” to engage with foreign leaders on his “Build Back a Better World” initiative.

Sullivan said the United States and the European Union, ahead of these summits, “are aligned and united on key elements of the global agenda.”

Obama to attend UN Climate Summit in Glasgow

“Over the past few weeks, we have seen the US and EU come together for joint action on COVID-19; we have seen the US and EU launch the Global Methane Pledge and other major climate initiatives; the US and The European Union has launched a Trade and Technology Council to set rules and standards for economics and technology in the 21st century,” Sullivan said. “And President Biden and major European partners will sit at these two summits to coordinate policies on Iran, supply chains, global infrastructure efforts and more.”

Sullivan also said on Tuesday that neither China nor Russia would attend the summit personally at the leader level – something he said was due to COVID-19.

“The US and Europe will be there, and they will be active and united in both the G20 and COP 26, driving the agenda, shaping the agenda as it relates to these important international issues,” Sullivan said. President Xi Jinping, who has spoken on the phone twice since Biden took office in January, may have a virtual summit by the end of the year.

Returning to the president’s agenda in the US, Sullivan said that the administration “sees no contradiction between taking an ambitious and aggressive action to meet this critical moment at the time of the climate crisis and supporting a sustained and rapid economic recovery.” that provides security and opportunity for the American people.”

At this point, Democrats are attempting to bridge differences between liberal and progressive lawmakers and secure a deal on Biden’s spending bill before the October 31 deadline. Moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin told reporters he did not back down from his call for a bill worth more than $1.5 trillion, while progressives back a larger $2.2 trillion package.

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