Steven Van Zandt says Bruce Springsteen is ‘playing a character’ as he reflects on fallout


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The ‘Sopranos’ star, who called his breakup with the E Street band his ‘very public career suicide’, and Springsteen have held their own

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Steven van Zandt is reflecting on his public fallout with Bruce Springsteen and the impact it had on both their careers.

After playing guitar for Springsteen’s E Street Band since the early 1980s, Van Zandt, now 70, recounts his fight with Springsteen in his memoir, “Unrequested Infatuations”, which Now 72, during the band’s recording of “Born in the Bourne” in America.” This incident eventually led to Van Zandt walking away from the band just before their big break.


“When I left the E Street Band, I ended my life,” Van Zandt said in an interview with the Associated Press. “You can’t be reborn until you die. That’s why it had to happen.”

In her book, the “Sopranos” star called the move the “big mistake of my life” and described the decision as “the suicide of my public career”.

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Steven Van Zandt Plays ‘The Sopranos’ and How His Time in the E Street Band Prepared Him to Play Silvio

“In the end, you come to the same conclusion, which is: I wish I could do both. I wish I’d been in a band and did all these things,” he said. “But that’s not really realistic.”

Van Zandt and Springsteen eventually put their gripes aside, but after all these years, Van Zandt still holds some opinion of the great composer.

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He insisted that between “Born to Run” and “Darkness of the Age of Town”, Springsteen completely changed his looks and personality, which Van Zandt believes could happen from the get-go. was fake.

“He completely changed his identity, 180 degrees. He’s moving, he’s playing a character,” Van Zant said. “That was the most important moment in his life because he lived in that personality forever.”

The “Lilyhammer” actor admitted that he had even sent Springsteen the manuscript of his book before it went for publication, saying that Springsteen clarified everything and did not suggest that he make any changes.

“He was in the book more than I planned on him to be in the book because he turns out he’s a huge part of my life, you know?” Van Zandt said.

“It really worked as some kind of therapy,” he added in writing his memoir. “It’s always painful to go through mistakes and say, ‘I wish I could do this. I could do it.’”

Springsteen’s reps did not immediately respond to Granthshala News’ request for comment.

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