State Department says meeting with senior Taliban leaders was ‘candid and professional’


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The statement comes two weeks after Joint Chiefs President Milley said the Taliban is still a terrorist organization.

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The State Department said on Sunday that meetings with the Taliban over the weekend were “clear and professional” as the United States continues to deal with the consequences of its chaotic and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

State Department spokesman Ned Price released a readout on meetings with “senior Taliban representatives” in Doha, Qatar. The statement said that “the US delegation focused on security and terrorism concerns and safe passage for American citizens, other foreign nationals, and our Afghan partners, as well as human rights, including women and women in all aspects of Afghan society.” Meaningful participation of girls is involved.”


“The two sides also discussed the United States’ provision of stronger humanitarian assistance directly to the Afghan people,” Price said. “The discussions were frank and professional, with the US delegation reiterating that the Taliban will be judged not only on its actions, but on its words as well.”

This is not the first time the Biden administration has used similar language to describe the Taliban as the US was forced to abandon its embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horn said in a statement last month that the Taliban were “cooperating” in allowing Americans to leave Afghanistan. He said he “has shown flexibility, and he has been professional and professional in our dealings with him in this endeavour.”

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Milley calls war in Afghanistan America’s ‘strategic failure’, warns Taliban to ‘remain a terrorist organization’

White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended that description of the Taliban in September.

“We are here to celebrate the return of American citizens who wanted to leave Afghanistan… To get those people out, we had to work with some members of the Taliban and work out a commercial way to get them out. It was,” Saki said.

The Biden administration has been issuing statements calling on the Taliban to treat women with respect, not to torture the Afghan people, and to put an end to terrorism. But the Taliban is nonetheless excluding women from equal education, going “house-to-house” to kill people who work with the US, and say it is working with the United States to fight ISIS. will refuse.

President Biden has strongly defended his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and his decision to deal with the situation. He argues that there could have been no way out of the country and that none of his advisors asked him to leave troops in the country.

The president’s top military commanders denied the claim at a hearing late last month, saying they had advised him to leave 2,500 US troops in Afghanistan.

General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also said – the comments do not correspond at all with the Taliban’s supposedly showing “professional” behavior – that “[t]The Taliban was and will be a terrorist organization and they still have not broken ties with al Qaeda.”

With many more hearings likely in the coming months about how to deal with Afghanistan’s withdrawal, Biden’s White House, State Department, military and intelligence community have been placed under the microscope.

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