‘Spencer’ trailer sees Princess Diana contemplate divorce from Prince Charles


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The film will follow the royal during a stressful holiday trip with her family

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The first full trailer for “Spencer” is out.

In the weeks following the film’s debut on the festival circuit, film studio Neon released a full trailer for the flick, which will follow the late Princess Diana during a holiday trip with the royal family, which sees their marriage eventually fall apart. She goes.


The clip opens with cars driving up to Queen Elizabeth II’s Sandringham estate in England, while the two men discuss whether “she” has arrived yet. Cut to the Diana of Kristen Stewart driving a convertible car.

“Your Royal Highness, the family is all gathered in the drawing room,” says one man greeting the princess as she greets her sons upon arrival at the property. “they are waiting.”

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Kristen Stewart on playing Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’: ‘I took more pleasure in my physicality’

An emotional Diana can then be seen washing her hands in the bathroom.

“Three days,” she whispers to herself. “this much only.”

“They’re getting too serious about you,” warns Diana, a woman whose tensions with her fellow royals are highest during this period of her life. “So stand still and smile a lot.”

“Mom, what has happened that made you so sad?” One of his young sons asked.

She replies: “Here, in this house, there is no future. Past and present are one and the same thing.”

Kristen Stewart Portraits Princess Diana in First ‘Spencer’ Trailer

Throughout the trailer, Diana can be seen spending time with the family in various settings, such as at a lavish dinner table or posing for a family portrait.

She also chatted with her husband, Prince Charles, played by Jack Farthing, about keeping a bold face to the public.

“Diana, for the good of the country,” he pleads.

“For the country?” She shoots back before later admitting that there is “no hope” for her when it comes to the royals.

As also recently featured in “The Crown”, it seems that Diana will dance quite well during her stay at Sandringham, and will also wear expensive and famous gowns and outfits seen by the public.

“Will they kill me, do you think?” She asks someone, possibly referring to her decision to divorce Charles, a choice she made during a holiday trip.

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“Spencer” garnered rave reviews when it hits the Venice, Toronto and Telluride film festivals this summer, due to hit theaters on November 15. Stewart, 31, has also received several awards for her performance and is expected to be nominated for an Oscar.

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