Some USPS deliveries will soon take longer, cost more


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The USPS will also hike prices on some packages during the holiday season.

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Some US Postal Service mail will now take even longer to deliver – and will cost you more.

According to USPS spokeswoman Kim Froome, starting October 1, the USPS is implementing new service standards for its first-class mail and magazines, which will increase delivery times by a day or two for mail that travels long distances.


Its first class package service will also be affected by the new standards.

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While First Class Mail is designed for standard-sized letters and flats, its First Class package service handles smaller, lighter packages.

The changes will not affect single-piece first class mail traveling in the local area. According to the postal service, the delivery time of that mail will be up to two days.

In fact, according to Froome, most first class mail, 61%, and periodicals, 93%, will be unaffected by the changes. Around 64% of the first class package service volume will also remain unaffected.

The Postal Service claims that the move will help its ground network deliver first-class mail with greater efficiency.

“With this transition to a 2- to 5-day service offering based on distance, we will improve service reliability and predictability for customers, as well as increase efficiency across the postal service network,” Frum said.

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For example, the changes would help the USPS “use land instead of using costly air transportation, which is also less likely to occur due to weather, flight traffic, lack of availability, competition for space, and involving additional hand-offs.” is reliable.”

The move is part of the post service’s 10-year tenure delivery to america plan And “an essential step toward achieving our goal of consistently meeting 95 percent service performance,” Frum said.

The USPS also plans to temporarily raise prices on commercial and retail domestic package shipments for the peak holiday season.

NS temporary price adjustment, will be effective from 3 October and will run till 26 December. However, the increase in prices will not affect international products.

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