‘SNL’ Weekend Update takes on budget bill, vaccine mandates, COVID origins — and other political footballs


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“No Time to Die” star Rami Malek hosted the episode – with a cameo by Daniel Craig – and Young Thug Music guest.

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“Saturday Night Live’s” Weekend Update fake news segment on the inclusion of President Biden’s climate policy in the budget bill this weekend, the New York City coronavirus vaccine mandate, the possible origins of the virus and the resignation of Las Vegas Raiders coach John Gruden’s Democratic The squabbling was covered. .

“The Biden administration’s climate plan is likely to be dropped from the budget bill after Sen. Joe Manchin refused to support it,” said co-host Colin Jost from behind the Weekend Update news desk. “But you know what, I’m not going to let some bad climate news ruin this beautiful 80-degree October day.”

“I’m not going to let some bad climate news ruin this beautiful 80-degree October day.”

— Colin Jostow


Jost joked that Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, would agree to the Biden plan only if he cuts clean energy and “officially makes coal one of the five food groups.”

The sketch show previously teased Munchkin – along with fellow Democratic liberal, Sen. Kirsten Sinema of Arizona – in the cold open two weeks ago with most lawmakers vying for the odds in their favor.

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Cast member Cecily Strong began her impression of the Arizona senator on October 2, saying she didn’t come to Congress to make friends—”And so far, mission accomplished!”

Weekend Update managed to squeeze in a Biden joke this Saturday, with co-host Michael Che saying a new report found Biden is an average of 22 minutes late for events.

“Worse, he only does it to appeal to black voters,” Che said.

‘SNL’ attacks NFL with jokes about John Gruden email controversy

Che then noted that the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets barred starting point guard Kyrie Irving from playing unless he complied with the City of New York’s vaccine mandate.

“I hope this decision will eventually force Kyrie to do the right thing and buy fake vaccination cards,” he quipped.

Jost then humorously suggested a way to solve logistics shipping delays from Asia to the Americas that are hampered by labor shortages and the virus outbreak.

“Now this may sound crazy, but can we use bats? Because last time bats did something it got everywhere very quickly,” he quipped about the virus’s presumed Wuhan origin. After some in the audience gasped at the joke, Jost asked, “The pro-bat crowd?”

Going back to Gruden’s resignation over homophobic, misogynistic and racist emails, which the show covered thoroughly in its cold open, Jost said, “Obviously the emails are uncertain, but whether one wants to be judged by his old emails.” Is?”

“I mean if you can see half the emails that Che sends me,” he said in a setup, then promised to show an email. “The subject line is ‘Listen, Hon’ and then the body of the email just says, ‘I wish they’d found you instead of Harambe.’”

Finally, Che reveals that Colin Kaepernick has said that he still works out at 5 a.m. if he is called back to the NFL after years of being a free agent after kneeling for the national anthem.

“But the Giants still want to stick with their current quarterback: a scarecrow on the Roomba,” Che said.

“No Time to Die” star Rami Malek hosted the episode — with a cameo appearance by Daniel Craig — and Young Thug Music was the guest.

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