‘SNL’ Weekend Update jabs Biden on colonoscopy, poll numbers; Rittenhouse trial, Liz Cheney also targeted


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President himself ‘taking down Biden regime’ without Republican help, jokes co-anchor Colin Jost

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“Saturday Night Live” acquitted President Biden and Kyle Rittenhouse on this weekend’s show.

Friday was a “weird one” for Biden, said Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost at the top of the fake-news segment.


“He went under anesthesia for a colonoscopy, and when he awoke the House had passed the $2 trillion Social Safety Net bill, the Rittenhouse decision was announced and a woman was technically the first ever president.” And while Biden was processing all that he was sent off to pardon a turkey called peanut butter.”

Jost said Biden has just turned 79.

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“Half the country already thinks he’s old. You can’t leave all that on him when he runs out of gas.”

The comic said he was “so good” to Biden on Friday, reminding viewers of a viral 2009 YouTube video titled “David After Dentist” about a parent still suffering from gas after mouth surgery. took the child. Jost said he was surprised no one posted a “Biden after colonoscopy” video.

Speaking of former President Trump adviser Steve Bannon surrendering to the FBI on charges of contempt of Congress, Jost noted that Bannon had said, “We are taking down the Biden regime.”

“I hate to break it to you, Steve,” replied Jost, “but I think Biden has covered everything on his own”—as a graphic showed the president’s falling poll numbers.

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Rittenhouse test

The segment focused on Saturday’s acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse on murder charges, after two people were shot dead and another injured during the Black Lives Matter protests and riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year. Political punch.

Co-anchor Michael Che joked, “Hopefully he got all the shooting out of his system before he became the cop.”

Che also suggested to protesters who took to the streets on Friday to overturn the verdict: “Maybe not tempt them” as he “got down on shooting the protesters.”

Jost took aim at US Representative Matt Getz, saying that Congressman thought Rittenhouse would make a great congressional trainee.

“Because Gaetz has always loved teenagers who are willing to do terrible things,” he joked, referring to allegations of Gaetz’s alleged involvement with a 17-year-old girl.

Earlier on the show, Rittenhouse trial judge Bruce Schroeder (played by Mickey Day) leaned into liberal notions that he was conservatively biased. Schroeder of Day claimed that it was “standard procedure” that he would not allow the men who shot Rittenhouse to be called “victims” and that they were “gadoinked” instead of being shot. He also referred to Rittenhouse as his “client”.

Is Liz Cheney still a Republican?

A sketch later in the show called “Republicans or Not”, which featured a mock game show where contestants had to guess whether someone was conservative or liberal based on their statements, after the Wyoming GOP voted no. Made fun of US Representative Liz Cheney. him as a Republican.

“But I’m a Republican,” Cheney (Cecile Strong) argued after appearing on the game show and being told by host Kenan Thompson that he’s not the one.

“You can tell that to everyone,” laughed Thompson as the host. “But that’s not what Republicans say. Like it or not, you’re the Rachel Dolezal of the Republican Party.” Dolezal was a white professor who served as president of the NAACP chapter and lied about being black.

“He was so sweet,” Thompson said after Strong’s argument with Cheney that she had been “fighting for Republican values ​​my whole life.”

He said he looked forward to seeing them on “MSNBC” in about a week.

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” star Simu Liu hosted the episode and rapper Soweti Music was the guest.

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