‘SNL’ cold open shows Biden, Dem factions squabbling over infrastructure


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Senators Cinema and Munchkin and Representatives Omar and Ocasio-Cortez were all teased during the show’s season opener

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“Saturday Night Live” returned from its summer hiatus this weekend and wasted no time mocking Democrats’ intrusiveness about the infrastructure bill.

The cold open of the show’s 47th season also introduced new cast member James Austin Johnson as President Biden.


“How was everyone’s summer? Mine was bad!” Johnson shouted joyfully from a stage as Biden during a fake news conference. “Not ‘Cuomo bad’ but certainly not ‘Afghanistan good’.” Everyone keeps baffling me about that drone attack — but on the bright side I went through an entire summer without falling down the stairs once.”

“How was everyone’s summer? Mine was bad! – Not ‘Cuomo bad’, but definitely not ‘Afghanistan good’.”

– President Biden (played by James Austin Johnson)

He said he’s also excited that Broadway is back after a long shutdown.

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But “so is the Taliban,” he said. “So win some, lose some.”

Johnson’s Biden was joined on one side by moderate Democrat Sen. Kirsten Cinema (Cecile Strong), who said she didn’t come to Congress to make friends — “and so far mission accomplished!” and Sen. Joe Manchin (Eddie Bryant), who said if they vote for electric cars, as a West Virginia politician, “they’re going to kill me.”

On the other side of the president were representatives representing the progressives. Ilhan Omar (Ego Neodim) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Melissa Villaseor), who calls herself “the Cruella of the Met Gala.”

“I wore a dress that said ‘tax the rich,’ then spent all night partying with the rich. Oops,” he nodded.

McConnell Accuses Deem Leaders of ‘Radically Left Run Capitol Hill’ After Infrastructure Bill Stalls

Although Biden seemed sure in the sketch that all Democrats were on the same page, the AOC said it wanted $3 billion for the green energy tax credit, while Manchin was aiming closer to “zero.”

Cinema countered Biden’s suggestion of 12 weeks of paid family leave with “six days”, which Manchin modified to “unpaid” and cinema quickly switched to unpaid “nights”.

“Six unpaid nights of unpaid family [leave]!” Biden triumphantly agreed.

The president later asked if they could all agree that the roads were good.

While Omar said she likes roads and Munchkin agrees because they “live trucks,” Cinema said she doesn’t want any roads because: “chaos.”

Biden’s Train of Thought

Near the end of the sketch, Biden finally turned to his favorite subject – the train.

“Come on, don’t snatch the train from me!” The president – known for his Amtrak excursions – begged on his suggestion as do all four Democrats. “We need to remind people of the grandeur of American rail travel,” he argued. “Quiet car, rear-facing seats, sliding bathroom doors that don’t close at all… a whole bottle of Gatorade rolling around the floor of the train. It goes the same way. It goes back.” Without trains, no America.”

Defamed the former New York government. Andrew Cuomo (Pete Davidson) then comes out to say that he believes the Democrats can meet the infrastructure bill because they are like one big “Italian family” that wants to hug, kiss, and “give up.” Likes to raise his fingers. The other’s back.”

Like him, the Infrastructure Bill deserves a second chance “and a third chance and at least up to 11 occasions”, he said.

He also plugged “Whoops,” a follow-up to his new book, “Lessons in Leadership.” Cuomo was forced to resign during the summer after a report by the New York Attorney General said he had sexually assaulted several women.

‘Don’t worry too much’

Finally, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (Alex Moffatt) came on stage, introducing himself, saying, “You may remember me but you don’t.”

He then reassured Democrats that the next time he’d get an email from the Democratic Party with a “scary, desperate subject line like ‘It’s all over, Jennifer! Democracy is dead unless you donate $7 now!’ Don’t panic. We’re all Democrats in this together.”

Biden agreed that “we are fundamentally the same…”

“Bad,” Cuomo said.

In real-life D.C., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was forced to delay a vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill on Friday after the progressive wing said they would ditch the bill until it was replaced by the more progressively ambitious $ Not to be combined with the 3.5 trillion build back better bill.

Owen Wilson made his first guest-hosting appearance on “SNL” on Saturday and Casey Musgraves was the musical guest.

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