Shooting victim’s daughter watches perpetrator walk away on probation after 11 years


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James’ wife and daughter, Kanina Urez and Daniela James, agreed to a plea deal on Tuesday

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More than a decade after David James, a Florida father, was shot while playing basketball with his 8-year-old daughter, his family watched their accused murderer go on probation.

Trevor Dooley, 80, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to shooting James, who recently retired as Granthshala 13 Tampa in return for three years of probation, on September 26, 2010, after a 20-year military career. previously reported.


James’ wife and daughter, Kanina Urez and Daniela James, agreed to a plea deal on Tuesday, but presented statements in a Tampa courtroom and later took issue with the justice system in a video posted to Facebook.

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“We have no doubt that in a review petition [Dooley] Will be found guilty again, and he will be sentenced, but his lawyers will request bond, and he will be out of jail again,” Urge said in a statement Tuesday after hearing Dooley’s plea on Facebook.

“Then we’ll wait a few more years, and then we’ll finally wait for him to go to jail, and his lawyers will probably make a motion that he not go to jail because of his old age or whatever. But, bottom line, he’ll go to jail again. Will never go to jail.”

A Florida court initially found Dole guilty in 2012 and sentenced him to eight years in prison but was granted bond in 2013 to await his appeal. Dooley began serving his prison sentence in 2014 before finally being given a new trial in 2019.

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Urez said America’s “justice system is very poor,” and accepting Dooley’s plea was a way for her family to get the “closure and justice” they needed more than a decade after James’ murder.

In another statement posted on Facebook, Urez and her daughter said that Dooley “should face the shame of turning her back on people in public every now and then, but only if everyone knows about her crimes.” “

Danielle James shared a statement on November 2, 2021.  (credit: Fox 13 Tampa)

Dole, who lived at Varico Park where Danielle and David James were playing basketball, on September 26, 2010, began a dispute with the veteran over a skateboarder who was using the other side of the basketball court. A conflict ensued, and according to the testimony of James’ family and witness, Dooley fatally shot James in the chest.

Danielle James, now 20, described Dooley as “a coward with a shotgun” who ruined her childhood “without reason or justification” in her statement.

“I don’t deserve to be upset even after I’ve told my story twice,” she said in her statement. “I am telling this now so that people know what really happened to the person who fought for his freedom and the family who never got justice.”

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