Sharon Stone says her father was ‘an extreme feminist’


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The ‘Basic Instinct’ star touted as a champion of feminism in Hollywood

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Sharon Stone is opening up about her family.

The 63-year-old actress was honored with this year’s Golden Icon Award at the Zurich Film Festival and opened up about her life and career at the screening of her film “Casino”.


During the discussion, Stone talked about his family. In particular, her father, whom she described as “an extreme feminist”.

“That money came from oil drilling, and when he was young, there was a big accident,” he recalled, Pero. Diversity. “Three months later his father died and all the money went to another family. He thought it was so wrong that his mother didn’t get half of it, just because she was a woman. My dad insisted that I have this feminist attitude.”

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In fact, Stone, known in Hollywood circles as a champion of feminism, said that her father instilled such ideals in her so deeply that she “never thought of herself as a feminist.”

“These were my house rules,” she explained, adding that she began to understand her mother better when she wrote her recently published memoir, “The Beauty of Living Twice.”

“She was tough. I asked her: ‘Why didn’t you ever let me trust you?’ She said: ‘Because I taught you to stand on your own two feet,’” the actress shared. “When I wrote this book and read it, it told me about my life. I realized that for my mom, teaching me to stand on my own two feet was teaching me to love myself.”

Stone also reflected on his career and recalled making “Total Recall” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom he called “an astonishing professional”, and director Paul Verhoeven, who praised Stone’s tenacity.

Sharon Stone returns to work in a racy outfit

“In Los Angeles, they were always trying to make me too feminine. ‘Don’t be so aggressive, Sharon. Don’t be so loud, don’t be so opinionated,’” she recalled. “Together [Verhoeven], I ended up looking like a 9 foot tall Viking. He said: ‘You are big, you are strong. I like it.’ We were on.”

The two would collaborate on “Basic Instinct”, in which Stone’s fame skyrocketed.

“We went in, saw a movie, came out and it was epidemic. The next morning, I went to the pool and everything I had in my hotel was stolen. My clothes, contact lenses, my underwear and toothbrush. Some guy ran into me And ripped my toe off,” the star said of her debut in Cannes, France.

“Everyone has this idea that they want to be a movie star, but when it actually happens, you go: ‘Holy f–k,’” the “Ratched” star continued. “One day, you’re driving down the street, you stop at a ‘stop’ sign and nobody cares. A week later, 30 people get on top of your car. And you go: ‘Would I drive? Am? Will they fall?’ Now you don’t know what the rules are.”

Stone is among the stars working hard for equal pay for women in Hollywood, particularly advocating for fair pay as a producer of the movie “The Quick and the Dead.”

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“I had so much resistance to that movie. I wanted Leo DiCaprio to: ‘Pay him with your money.’ I wanted Russell Crowe: ‘Why do you want this guy who’s only played a skinhead before?’ I wanted Sam Raimi to direct: ‘Sharon, why do you always kick yourself in the foot?’ Then they banned me from the studio for eight years.” A Sony Pictures representative did not immediately respond to Granthshala News’ request for comment.

Stone said she was “grateful that women now find work” but added that she had not had such luxuries for “20 years”.

Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in 'Basic Instinct'.

“It was all work, then no work, then ‘Ratched.’ Because when I turned 40, that was it. No more work for Sharon,” she said, noting that when the amount of work less, he spent more time in humanitarian work.

“By karma, it worked out very well. Financially, not so much,” she admitted. “I think my biggest achievement is surviving. It’s a big deal to survive in a business like this.”

The actress left fans with another story about the premiere of “Basic Instinct”, which she attended with Hollywood icon Faye Dunaway.

“The movie ends, there is complete silence. I was freaking out the fk and Faye says: ‘Don’t move.’ Then the audience erupts into applause and she goes: ‘Now, smile – they can all kiss you -. You’re a big f—king star, baby!”

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