Sharon Osbourne’s ‘The Talk’ replacement, Jerry O’Connell, on joining show amid drama: ‘There was trauma’


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O’Connell takes over for Osbourne after leaving show amid racism scandal

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Jerry O’Connell spoke about the mild discomfort he experienced for joining “The Talk” after the highly controversial and public exit of his predecessor, Sharon Osbourne.

O’Connell is the first male co-host to join the show alongside Sherrill Underwood, Elaine Welteroth, Amanda Kloots and Carrie Ann Inaba. His participation in the show was announced in the months of July after Osbourne left the show in the wake of a racism scandal that began with an uncomfortable on-screen moment.


Speaking on the Radio Andy Show”Order,” Bev Smith asked the latest member of “The Talk” family how it was handling in the midst of one of the show’s biggest controversies of all time. The star admitted that the cast and crew were definitely in the air. However, he was not aware of the details of the play before agreeing to come on board with the show.

“It’s funny, I didn’t know the exact details of what happened. I remember Sharon Osborne was no longer on The Talk and then I was literally there,” he explained.

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Sharon Osbourne hired security team after receiving death threats: Report

Once they were there, how they dealt with the drama, O’Connell linked the situation to being the “rebound man” in a relationship. He said that, when he began dating his wife, Rebecca Romijn, she was coming out of a divorce with her husband of six years, John Stamos.

“And I’ll tell you, that rebound guy is funny, you can do no wrong,” he said. “My wife would get sad and I’d say, ‘What are you sad about? Like, let’s have fun. Who cares?’”

Sharon Osbourne wrestles with returning to ‘The Talk’ amid extended hiatus: ‘I don’t know what I want’

He continued: “Coming here right after Sharon Osbourne left, I could tell there was trauma with this group, you know, they were shaken, they were shaken. And I came in and I was like ‘Hey guys, I don’t know anything about it. Like, let’s just have a good time.’ And anytime it was brought up, I was like, ‘Hey guys, guys, that wasn’t me, please. Can’t we talk about that today?’”

Osbourne had a heated argument with co-host Sheryl Underwood, in which she expressed her support for Piers Morgan after leaving “Good Morning Britain” on different opinions about Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s contingency Interview with Oprah Winfrey. Now, Osbourne is claiming that the producers settled the situation.

In a recent interview dailymail tv, Osbourne accused the producers of plotting the incident and their subsequent reaction.

“They knew all the questions and they all knew what was happening. I felt completely betrayed,” she said.

She eventually jumped ship from the talk show in March.

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