Shark tourism benefits Cape Cod community


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Sharks have helped extend the destination’s tourist season into the fall

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Three years after great white shark attacks killed one and shook beach-goers, shark-related tourism has soared in the vacation destination of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Local shops in Chatham sell shark-themed apparel and other knick knacks, with illustrated sharks having their jaws wide open and large fangs.


What to know about sharks off the US coast

Interested parties are able Join Charter Boat Operators On great white shark tours near the beach for a fee.

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Cape Cod hosts approximately 4 million visitors annually, bringing in more than $1 billion in tourism spending and supporting thousands of jobs.

As shark experts call for a rebranding of marine predators – suggesting that attacks should be re-labeled “events” or “interactions” – Cape Cod begins to temporarily embrace its toothier neighbors Is.

“Several years ago, there was a concern that it might have a negative impact on tourism,” said Paul Nidzwicki, CEO of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, told the Associated Press earlier this month. “But we’re working to educate people about sharks and what we’ve really seen is no negative effects.”

While there is no definitive match for how much shark-related tourism contributes to the Cape Cod economy, Nidzwicky said its growth is helping to extend the tourism season into the fall.

Peak shark sightings are in August and September, and dozens of beaches have been closed in recent weeks as sharks travel up and down the East Coast.

Great White Shark Circles Coast Guard Boat for Several Minutes

Weather permitting, shark researchers hope to tag and view the creatures in November.

Although Massachusetts does not rank among the top 10 states for most unprovoked bites, activity is currently “very brisk,” according to Atlantic White Shark Conservancy ecotourism naturalist Maddie Poirier. told the Boston Herald.

Seals, a food source for the area's great white sharks, sunbathe and swim near a sighting of a great white shark off the Massachusetts coast of Cape Cod, Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

Seal populations, the delicious meaty shark snack, are also on the rise, according to Cape Cod Times.

officials have worked invest in Improved training and equipment for lifeguards and first responders, surfers have equipped themselves with shark repellent and other groups have emphasized additional safety measures, including land-based warning systems and drone surveillance.

on the Atlantic coast, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Coastal Survey Around 2,500 sharks of 11 different species were caught this year.

A great white shark swims atop a boat on Shark Watch with Dragonfly Sportfishing Charters on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, off the Massachusetts coast of Cape Cod.

Like sandbar sharks, white sharks are found on both coasts and the great white is the world’s largest known predatory fish, according to world wildlife foundation.

Globally, there were approximately 129 reported shark-human interactions in 2020, According to the International Shark Attack File.

There were 13 three shark-related deaths, of which 10 were classified as unprovoked.

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