‘Sex and the City’ author Candace Bushnell says HBO show ‘was not very feminist’: ‘That’s entertainment’


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It is poetic that Candace Bushnell and Carrie Bradshaw are returning to take on New York City at the same time as the ego they created nearly 25 years ago.

The author’s one-woman show, “Is there still sex in town?” starts the preview on Daryl Roth Theater on November 13 – and the sequel to “Sex and the City”, “And just like that…” launch on hbo max weeks later.


“It’s a coming-of-age story … that’s how I made Carrie Bradshaw, why I made Carrie Bradshaw, what happened to me later,” Bushnell said.

“It’s really Carrie Bradshaw’s creation story — and that’s my story.”

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Bushnell, 62, and divorced, still had a lot to say about dating in her 2019 novel about New York City, “Is there still sex in town?” With her characters worrying about “cubing”—when a younger man chases an older woman—and vaginal rejuvenation, among other hot topics.

This is how ‘Sex and the City’ revival will reveal Kim Cattrall’s absence, HBO Max boss hints

It was around that time that he, with the help of director Lorin Lataro, started considering the idea of ​​a female performance. Previews at the Daryl Roth Theater begin November 13, and the show — which features the running roles of Bushnell’s Poodle, Pepper and Prancer — opens on December 7.

There’s only one thing she doesn’t like: “I have to wear Spanx!”

Years ago after insisting that she would not answer any questions about “non-existent-in-reality Carrie Bradshaw,” Bushnell has made peace with her legacy. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t critical of “Sex and the City” — or that she understands why people are so obsessed about it.

“I don’t watch TV shows the way other people see it. I don’t parse every little bit. It’s a great show, it’s really funny. But there are fans who… Well, that show really guides them,” she said.

Landing Mr. Big, he said, should not be a takeaway.

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“The reality is, finding a guy is probably not your best financial choice in the long run. Men can be very dangerous to women in many different ways. We never talk about this, but it There’s one thing women need to think about: There’s little you can do…when you have to trust a man,” Bushnell told The Post. “The TV show and the message in the end weren’t very feminist.

“But that’s TV. That’s entertainment. That’s why people shouldn’t base their lives on TV shows.”

She certainly isn’t surprised that “SATC” is making a comeback.

“HBO is going to make money on it. They’re going to take as much of it as they can,” Bushnell said. “They rebooted ‘Gossip Girl.’ If they didn’t reboot ‘Sex in the City,’ it would be really weird.”

And while “I don’t know anything about what the new show is going to be about,” Bushnell said, he will see sequels — which include Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin in their iconic roles as Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. Davis included. , respectively.

Chris Noth and Candace Bushnell in New York City.

“Of course I’m going to watch it… I hope it goes on for six seasons. I get paid a little bit,” she said with a laugh.

But a friend Bushnell can’t talk about it Kim Cattrall – aka Samantha from “SATC” – who is not coming back.

As The Post has reported over the years, Cattrall felt left out of her co-stars’ tight-knit group — news that shocked fans who wanted to believe that the actresses were playing off-camera. were similar.

“My mom asked me today, ‘When will that @sarahjessicaparker, that hypocrite, leave you alone?’ Cattrall wrote in a 2018 Instagram post. She also asked followers to “copy and paste” [the] For a post story titled “Link”, “Inside the Mean Girls Culture That Destroyed ‘Sex and the City’.” “

“I absolutely love Kim,” Bushnell said. “But it looks like she wants to do other things, and she doesn’t feel like doing the show. Maybe she doesn’t want to be that character anymore. Maybe she doesn’t want to keep Spanx!

‘Sex and the City’ producer Candace Bushnell says Chris told her Mr. Elder: ‘She’s a new type’

“In real life, those women aren’t the characters they are—they’re the opposite. Sarah Jessica Parker, she’s been married to the same guy forever. She has kids. I don’t know her very well, but she seems very family-oriented.” -oriented [in a way Carrie is not]”

There is another big difference, the author pointed out, between Carey and SJP — and between SJP and Bushnell.

“[Parker] is rich. she ain’t putting her sweater in the oven [instead of a closet, like Carrie once did], Ok? She was very successful when she was in her 20s. I wasn’t, and I was scared.”

In his Off-Broadway show, Bushnell recounts his origin story growing up in Glastonbury, Conn., with a father who helped invent the hydrogen fuel cell, an integral part of the Apollo space mission.

She moved to NYC at the age of 19 with just $20 in her pocket and felt scared on the streets “every minute… you couldn’t walk half a block without getting upset. I mean, really annoying. That way.” Upset that you just – you will feel nothing less of yourself and just feel so ashamed.”

Sarah Jessica Parker breaks silence on ‘Sex and the City’ co-star Willie Garson’s death

Sarah Jessica Parker at Tribeca on October 14, 2021 in New York City

“You have to figure out, ‘How do I handle this?’ Bushnell recalled. His strategy was to tell his oppressors: “F-k you, f-kers!” Because you can’t take it away.”

For Bushnell, “Sex and the City” wasn’t just about the physical act of sex.

“It was the big idea of ​​what’s sexy: doing business is sexy, being ambitious is sexy, staying up until 4 a.m. and partying is sexy. Power conversation is sexy. Arriving at the number one table at the restaurant — that’s sexy,” she said. remembered. “New York was sexy. It was exciting, but at the same time, it was full of Harvey Weinstein-like landmines.

“These men are scary. I’d actually look at these guys and I’d think, ‘How can women even be around them? “

From 1994 to 1996, Bushnell wrote his dating column for the Observer, which then became his book “Sex and the City”—and the rights were snatched away by his friend, TV producer Darren Star, who turned it into an HBO show. (“You don’t really get as much money as people think you do,” she said of it.)

Sarah Jessica Parker says ‘Sex and the City’ revival will address the coronavirus pandemic

(LR) Writer Candace Bushnell with actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth.

“This is my story and the story of my friends – single women in their 30s,” she recalled. “We hadn’t seen this character before: the woman who was exploring her life, her choices…she wasn’t getting married and having kids in her 20s.

“It was about a new woman who comes to New York to make it look like a man.”

At 43, Bushnell, who has no children, married Charles Eskegard, a New York City ballet dancer 10 years younger than her. They divorce after nine yearsAmidst the news of his alleged affair with the ballerina Georgina Pazkogin.

“She was a little lady, and if the 23-year-old is after your 42-year-old husband and they work, travel and dance together, there are situations where you can’t compete,” Bushnell said. Said. “It’s just the law of the jungle.”

Since the breakup, he has seen his ex only once. “We had a few laughs,” the author told The Post. “There are some people who come into your life you’ve never seen them before, and then, when they leave your life, you’ll never see them.”

Sarah Jessica Parker answers fan questions about Kim Cattrall after new ‘Sex and the City’ series revival

Candace Bushnell Has Since Asked 'Is Still Sex In The City?'  A book has been written by the title.

Bushnell divided his time between Manhattan and Sag Harbor. Despite breaking up with Jim Coleman, a real-estate consultant/consultant known as 2019 post story She called “Mr. Bigger”, with Bushnell secretly indicating that the two had not ended their romance, but did not elaborate.

When asked if he thought his obit would read, “Candace Bushnell – ‘Sex and the City’ creator,” the writer said: “It would say Candace Bushnell, and then my list of achievements. ‘Sex and the City’ Will be one

“I don’t think about the show that much. I’ve written seven books since then, I don’t know. Each one has been about women at a different time in their lives, so that’s what I’m really interested in.”

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