Several ridings still too close to call with many mail-in ballots still to be counted


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TORONTO — While Canadians didn’t have to wait very long on election night to find out who would lead the next government, there are still many different seats too close to call and many mails. It may take a few days to get clear results with Ballots are yet to be counted.

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As of Tuesday evening, 18 seats were yet to be called for, according to’s election tracker, with the Liberals leading in nine races, the Conservatives leading in two, the Bloc Québécois leading in four and the NDP in three.

The numbers still to be decided will not affect the overall election result, with the Liberal minority government, the Conservative Official Opposition, and both the Bloc and the NDP returning enough seats to partner with the Liberals to push through the legislation. Returns.


But the results of individual races will have an effect on the people who live in those rides, and can also affect the outcome of free votes, where members don’t always vote along party lines.

The number of seats is often seen as a referendum on party leaders, and any last-minute changes to the projected count could affect the fortunes of Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh, as well as those of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Opinion about the decision to force the election can also influence. .

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Of course, not all seats are created equal. There’s no doubt that the Liberals would love to win back the seat in Vancouver Granville, which Jody Wilson-Raybould lost after being expelled from the Liberal caucus in 2019 over the SNC-Lavalin scandal. He won the seat in 2019 as an independent, but decided not to contest again this year.

As of Tuesday, Liberal Taleb Noormohammed was leading over NDP candidate Anjali Appadurai by only 230 votes, in 202 of 203 polls.

While it’s not unusual for some tight running the next day after the election, the wild card this year is the record number of mail-in ballots cast due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the latest figures from Elections Canada, more than 1 million mail-in ballots were returned this year, with about 83 percent of those who voted in their home rides. Since Elections Canada must verify that these voters have not even voted in person before the votes are counted, a full tally may take a few days to complete.

Actually, election canadaa said on its website that some ridings may not begin reporting results from local special ballots until Wednesday, meaning that many close ridings could potentially still see a significant change in their vote count.

In Vancouver Granville, a total of 6,275 mail-in ballots had been returned as of Tuesday, meaning the race may still be far from being decided.

The Liberals and the NDP are riding Davenport in Toronto, where outgoing Liberal Julie Dzerowicz is ahead of the NDP’s Alejandra Bravo by nearly 350 votes – less than one percent – ​​with the vote reporting 172 out of 182 votes.

An even closer race is in the Quebec ride of Trois-Rivires, where Rene Villemure of the Block is trying to fight off a challenge from Conservative Yves Levesque. At last count, Villemayor edged up 16,329 to 16,296, which works out to a margin of less than 0.1 percent with 244 out of 245 reporting voting, and 2,649 mail-in ballots being returned. The seat was held by Louis Charbonneau of the First Block, who announced this year that she would not contest.

Also, hanging on to the razor is a race in Sault Ste. Mary, where Liberal incumbent Terry Sheehan is ahead of Conservative Sonny Spina by only 55 votes, and 1,965 mail-in ballots have been returned.

The two seats in Edmonton are still too close to the call for sure, both of which represent a potential defeat for the Conservative incumbents.

At Edmonton centre, Liberal Randy Boissonault holds a modest 15,318 lead of 15,454 over Conservative James Cumming. Next door, in Edmonton Grisbach, NDP candidate Blake Desjarice is leading over Conservative Kerry Diotte by 16,582 to 15,565, or just over 1,000 votes, where 2,166 mail-in ballots have been received.


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