Servers are ‘making more, working less’ with robot waiters, restaurant CEO says


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Robot waiters could address labor shortages for restaurants

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Robot waiters are proving beneficial to a Florida restaurant chain whose CEO claims they are turning to bigger suggestions for human servers.

Carlos Gajitua, president and CEO of Sergio’s Restaurants, explained how robots are helping servers make more money while working less, on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” Wednesday.


“With robotics, what we’re able to do is basically move the food back and forth, so our wait staff is able to spend a little more time with our guests, getting up to four to five tables, Gazzitua told Granthshala Business. ‘ David Asman.

Robot waiters help Sergio serve at an increased efficiency of 20 to 35%, and Gazzitua argued that the extra time with the patrons ultimately results in larger suggestions for better quality service.

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“Guests like it because they see more of their server,” Gazzitua continued. “They’re able to have a better hospitality experience, manicure that table, and it’s a huge win for the server who’s actually earning more and working less.”

Currently, the restaurant rents out robots for about $1,000 a month, according to Gazzitua, while keeping servers from walking 100 feet per table.

“It’s never going to go away for the four-hour wait staff,” Gazzitua assured. “It’s almost a personal assistant.”

Robots have also been popular with customers, with their ability to sing and interact with guests.

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“The robot can know the names of the kids, then they come in and they see the robotics, and what they’re learning in school is now implemented in a restaurant,” Gazzitua said, “and it’s something unique and different. Is.”

With the restaurant industry facing labor and supply shortages after the pandemic, robot waiters could be a cost-effective way to serve the more humans that one is looking for. byte To eat.

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