Senate GOP reelection arm hauls in more than $76M so far this year


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Republicans need a net gain of just one seat to secure a Senate majority in the 2022 midterm elections

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National Republican The senatorial committee (NRSC) reported raising $76.2 million during the first nine months of this year, Senate GOP builds resources as it aims to achieve Senate majority in 2022 mid term election.

According to data released by the NRSC on Wednesday, the committee earned more than $25 million in total during the third quarter of July-September. fundraising, including $9.5 million last month. The NRSC says its run so far this year has exceeded its total fundraising from 2019, a similar non-election year in the previous cycle.


The committee also pointed out that it had no more than $27.7 million in debt in its coffers. And the NRSC also highlighted bringing in $13.7 million through online contributions, following what the committee called a “historic investment” in its digital fundraising event.

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“The NRSC is seeing strong grassroots energy to elect a Republican Senate majority to serve as a check on Joe Biden’s radical, reckless, socialist agenda. This quarter alone we saw more than 56,000 in the party for the first time. Brought donors – more than half of all our first-time donors this year,” NRSC President Sen. Rick Scott stressed in a statement from Florida.

Rival democratic The Senate Campaign Committee has yet to release its third quarter numbers.

Both parties are raising big bucks ahead of the 2022 midterm, when Democrats will defend their razor-thin majority in the Senate.

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Republicans controlled the chamber for six years but lost a majority during the 2020 election cycle. The Senate is currently split 50-50 between the two parties, but Democrats have a majority due to the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, who serves as the Senate’s president. That means the GOP only needs a one-seat pickup to win a majority.

But Republicans are defending 20 of the 34 seats up for grabs in 2022, including open seats in the major battleground states of North Carolina and Pennsylvania, as well as in Ohio, Missouri and Alabama. When playing defense, the NRSC sees opportunities to turn blue seats in Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire and Nevada

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