Sen. Tuberville on reconciliation bill: Democrat’s think it’s ‘play money’


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Critics say the bill would cost more than $3.5 trillion

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Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., argues that Democrats have “lost their mind” on Granthshala Business’s “Mornings with Maria” as lawmakers on the left push to pass a $3.5 trillion reconciliation package .

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Sen. Tommy Tuberville: These people have lost their minds. And they think it’s a money game — it’s not a money game, it’s American taxpayers’ money.

This is their first year of administration – they are just running happy and think that everything will be alright, they are going to own it. But really, American taxpayers are going to own it and we’re going to fight it every day.

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They don’t let us see anything in the bill. They just go there and write it down and say, ‘You need to vote for this.’ We are not going to vote for this. I don’t think he got enough votes.

Munchkin to vote for part of $3.5T reconciliation bill: Sen. Tommy Tuberville

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