Sen. Rick Scott: Biden’s vaccine mandate will push workers out of the workforce, cripple supply chain


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In Joe Biden’s America, the government knows better than the people it reportedly serves

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President Joe Biden followed through on his promise to be a united and liberal. He promised to bring America together. On the campaign trail, he pledged to “shut down the virus, not the country”. It was all a lie.

Biden’s latest vaccine mandate for private companies tramples on Americans’ personal liberties, will force more workers out of the workforce, ravage our economy with product and service shortages that cripple supply chains and cripple America. Not seen since the 1970s.


By forcing some working Americans to choose between keeping their jobs, or doing what they believe is best for their health, Biden’s mandate hurts those who claim it will help — workers, Low-income Americans and seniors on a fixed income will all be affected by either high unemployment, high prices or a lack of available goods.

Joe Biden and the Democrats in Washington have unapologetically adopted an agenda of systemic socialism focused on the massive expansion of government and federal control over the daily lives of Americans. In Joe Biden’s America, the government knows better than the people it allegedly serves and continues to issue mandates to keep the public in line.

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When I think of the impact of cumbersome government regulations, I think of my father. My adoptive father was a truck driver. Anyone who has driven a truck or is close to someone in that line of work knows how demanding the job can be. It is hard work and it is one of the most important jobs in our country.

Truckers are like the offensive linemen of America’s supply chain – often overlooked but absolutely necessary to keep things moving. There is already a driver shortage in this country and we cannot afford to lose more.

Of course, trucking is just one industry where Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate will create huge problems. Biden’s mandate is keeping workers under the gun in almost every sector.

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In a weak economy where simply keeping stock off the shelves is an everyday challenge, losing workers in almost any critical industry will have a devastating effect on our supply chains and drive up prices.

May we never forget that as inflation rises and prices rise, it is the poorest Americans, as my family grows up and seniors on fixed incomes hurt the most. Right now, we already have families across America who have to make tough choices. Single moms are wondering if they can put a few extra gallons of gas in the car and still have dinner on the table this week. Or, a mom like me who took odd jobs to meet her needs and looked at the tiniest price changes at the grocery store to make sure we could still get by.

If President Biden actually talks with small and medium-sized employers and hardworking families like me, he will quickly find that a massive federal mandate is not the solution to any of our problems. I have been vaccinated and I encourage others to talk to their doctor and consider doing so. But getting the vaccine is a choice everyone has to make for themselves.

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We cannot give people an ultimatum to comply or leave. This is a gross encroachment by the federal government at a time when we need more jobs, not less; Low prices on everyday goods, not much.

Unlike Joe Biden and the Democrats in Washington, I don’t believe the government knows better than the American people. My parents didn’t have much formal education, but they worked hard and made the choices they felt were right for the health and well-being of our family. He relied on the government to keep them informed and then let them make their own choices. That’s how the government should work and what I did when I was the governor of Florida.

In 2016, Florida was struck by the Zika virus, which affected newborn babies. Instead of placing a mandate on pregnant women or restricting their travel to areas with local transmission of Zika, we informed Floridians, worked to be as transparent as possible, and offered free Zika testing to all pregnant women in Florida.

Similarly the central government should deal with COVID. The role of government in public health is to inform and support, not to mandate.

With employment issues caused by Democrats’ failed policies of paying people more to stay at home instead of going back to work, rising energy prices and rising inflation, American families tolerate President Biden’s continued poor policy decisions. who are causing permanent damage and are driving. economy is backward.

Restoring our supply chains is critical to getting the US economy back on track and it is time for President Biden to accept a largely unconstitutional mandate on private companies, but will hurt US business and already aroused Inflation will throw gasoline on the crisis.

Republican Rick Scott represents Florida in the United States Senate. He is the former governor of Florida.

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